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💬 Definition of Keywords:

Keywords are the words that describe the content of a book. They are part of the book description, which is part of the book metadata. Together with the other metadata elements, they help a book show up in search queries when a reader is looking for a book using those keywords.

Related questions about keywords:

How to find the right keywords to use in a book description?

You can do some research to find out what keywords are best for your book description. Think about how your target audience might search for a book like yours, then go to Amazon and other popular retailers and type those keywords. See if the books in the results are similar to yours. If yes, you can use those keywords; if not, you should try different keywords.

Once you have a few on your list, you can go to Google and type those keywords in the search bar. Then, go to the bottom of the page and see Related searches. You’ll find extra words and phrases to use in your description. You should do this every few months to improve your keyword list.

Besides these basic methods, you can also use keyword search tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Soovle, Keywords Everywhere, and Moz Keyword Explorer.

How to use those keywords in a book description?

It’s best to have a final list of 10 keywords and phrases. Start your description with the most important ones. Keep in mind that your book description needs to address the readers first and the search engines second. If you’re writing something just to rank higher, but it’s not useful for the readers, they might not consider you a trustworthy author. Your keywords should help a well-written description, not be the center of it.

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