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💬 Definition of Mass-Market Book:

A mass-market book is a type of book that is typically produced in large quantities cheaply. They can be found in bookstores as well as retail outlets such as drugstores, supermarkets, newsstands, and airports. 

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What are the characteristics of a mass-market book?

Mass-market books are usually popular fiction titles, such as thrillers, romances, and mysteries, and are often part of a series or are written by well-known authors. They are marketed to a broad audience and are typically priced lower than other types of books, such as hardcover or trade paperback books.

These books are usually smaller in size, around 4.25 x 7 inches, that's why they are also called pocketbooks, and they fit perfectly in a purse or a back pocket.

They have a softcover binding and are printed on inexpensive paper, not on acid-free paper like most hardbacks and trade paperbacks.

This type of book is what comes to mind for most consumers when they hear the term "paperback." Despite being made with lower-quality materials, it's a popular choice due to its affordability and convenient size. The standard size of this type of book is believed to have originated from the duodecimo size of early printed books.

What type of audience does a mass-market book target?

Mass-market books are frequently purchased by people who are looking for an inexpensive and entertaining read. Due to their wide distribution and low price point, mass-market books have the potential to reach a large audience and can be a significant source of revenue for publishers and authors.

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