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💬 Definition of Masthead:

A masthead is a place in a publication that includes the names and titles of the editorial staff, such as the editor-in-chief, managing editor, section editors, writers, and contributors. It typically appears on the editorial page of a newspaper, magazine, or other printed material. The masthead may also include information about the publication's ownership, location, and contact information.

Related questions about a masthead:

What are the components of a masthead?

In a magazine or a newspaper, the masthead can be on the cover or front page, but in a newsletter, it can appear inside. Regardless of the place you choose for it, the important thing is to be consistent with the placement.

The information in the masthead usually remains the same, except for the names of the contributors and the date-and-volume number.

These are the possible elements to include in a masthead. Usually, you will find only some of them in a single masthead. 

  • Title of the publication;
  • The publication logo;
  • Names of the editorial staff: publisher, editors, contributors, designers, and other staff responsible for creating the publication; 
  • Ownership and contact information, such as an address and phone number;
  • Publication information such as the date and location of the publication, as well as the volume and issue numbers for periodicals;
  • Subscription information and details on obtaining copies of the newsletter or unsubscribing from the mailing list;
  • Information on how to submit material for the newsletter.

What is the role of a masthead?

A masthead offers information regarding the publication (as mentioned above). It serves as a reference for readers and a means of establishing the identity and authority of the publication and its editorial team. It's also helpful when the publication seeks advertisers, contributors, or paid subscribers. 

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