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Literary Excellence | 2024 Hans Christian Andersen Awards Nominees & Their Notable Works

hans christian andersen award 2024

The International Board on Books for Young People has shortlisted candidates for the 2024 Hans Christian Andersen Awards, the most prestigious international accolades in children's literature, recognizing authors and illustrators globally.


Marina Colasanti | Brazil

A prolific Brazilian author, Colasanti is renowned for her enchanting children's stories, often imbued with magical realism and profound themes. Notable works include A Moça Tecelã and Longe como o meu Querer.

Heinz Janisch | Austria

An Austrian storyteller, Janisch's works are celebrated for their lyrical quality and imaginative storytelling, captivating young minds. One of his most loved works is The King and the Sea.

Lee Geum-yi | Republic of Korea

Lee's contributions to Korean children's literature stand out for their cultural richness and engaging narratives. Her most appreciated books are Mom's Favorite and When I Grow Up.

Bart Moeyaert | Belgium

A Belgian literary figure, Moeyaert is acclaimed for his emotionally resonant and beautifully crafted children's books.

Timo Parvela | Finland

Parvela is a key figure in Finnish children's literature, known for his humorous and cleverly written stories.

Edward van de Vendel | Netherlands

Van de Vendel's Dutch children's books are characterized by their creativity and depth, appealing to a wide young audience, like The Dog That Nino Didn't Have.


Cai Gao | China

Gao's illustrations are a blend of traditional Chinese artistry and modern storytelling, bringing unique visual narratives to children's books.

Iwona Chmielewska | Poland

A Polish illustrator, Chmielewska's work is noted for its artistic depth and innovative use of visual language.

Nelson Cruz | Brazil

Cruz's illustrations are known for their vibrant colors and dynamic expressions, capturing the essence of Brazilian culture.

Elena Odriozola | Spain

Odriozola's Spanish illustrations stand out for their delicate and whimsical style, adding a unique charm to children's literature.

Sydney Smith | Canada

A Canadian illustrator, Smith's work is celebrated for its evocative and poignant artistry.

Paloma Valdivia | Chile

Valdivia brings a distinct Chilean flair to her illustrations, known for their playful and heartwarming qualities.

Selected from 59 nominations across 33 countries, the winners will be announced on April 8th at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, with medals presented at the IBBY Congress held in September in Trieste, Italy.

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