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What is Print-on-Demand Distribution?


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Print-on-demand companies and models emerging are one of the best things that could’ve happened to indies wanting to create and sell print books.
There's no need to print a lot of books in advance and you get rid of the hassle with logistics. However, if someone wants a printed version of their book, that order will be deployed.
You can set up your print-on-demand book with PublishDrive for Amazon KDP print, Ingram, Barnes and Noble, Baker Taylor, and plenty other book distributors in the world.


About Ingram




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Ingram (and, their sub-brand, Ingramspark) is one of the biggest book distribution companies, specializing in print and print-on-demand distribution services.

Ingram sells books to Barnes & Noble, Amazo, Baker & Taylor and 39,000 other book distributors including: global & regional chain bookstores, independent book retailers, university bookstores, online retailers, gift retailers, specialty retailers, museum shops, public and school libraries.

They offer offset printing of varying trim sizes to serve brick and mortar stores or online retailers and have distribution networks all over the world


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What are the Benefits of Publishing to Ingram through PublishDrive?



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Ingram Spark distribution option within the PublishDrive platform
1. Simple interface for all book formats

Manage all of your book formats whether it is ebook, audiobook or print-on-demand under one roof. Enjoy the user-friendly interface for uploading and tracking your books!

2. Transparent Analytics

Tracking sales numbers is always a headache especially when you manage more accounts. Enjoy one account for tracking all of your sales with informative charts and a realtime sales dashboard!

3. Saving time and maximizing royalties

Independent publishers love if they can save some time and earn more money. That’s what PublishDrive offers by saving you more than 90 hours per title, per month on administrational tasks  and maximizing royalties with more than 16% 

POD book publishing couldn't get easier!
4. Reach more potential customers

PublishDrive represents more print-on-demand partnerships with print book distributors, so in addition to Ingram’s network you can add other markets like Amazon or stores in China.


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*$10/title/year listing fee is involved


How to Publish on Ingram’s network?


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Publishing print on demand books on Ingram’s network is fast and easy!
Our distribution network distributes your books to all 39,000 retailers represented by  Ingram, including global & regional chain bookstores, independent book retailers, university bookstores, internet retailers, gift retailers, specialty retailers, museum shops, public and school libraries.
Don’t worry about collecting your earnings on Ingram - we do it for you with beautiful sales charts!


Here's All You Have to Do

Checklist of steps for publishing with Ingram Spark via PublishDrive's platform

Step 1: Sign up to PublishDrive

Step 2: Upload your print book

Step 3: Add print specifics data such as trim sizes 

Step 4: Add your metadata like author name or retail price

Step 5: Select your business model: Wholesale to sell in all retail stores, or Author2Reader to order print copies for yourself

Step 6: Follow PublishDrive’s instructions to start publishing on Ingram


With PublishDrive Your Print Book will be Published to 39,000 Retailers, Including: logo
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*$10/title/year listing fee is involved


About PublishDrive books website

PublishDrive is an all-in-one self-publishing platform to distribute and promote in ebook, audiobook, and print-on-demand formats.

Enjoy a network of over 400 online stores and 240K digital libraries. Our global network includes retailers like Amazon, Apple, Google and hard-to-reach markets like China.


We’d love you to join us and the other thousands of authors and publishers publishing 


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Authors and indies love our user-friendly interface, wide reach, and supportive Publisher Coaches at PublishDrive.

We solve problems quickly and regularly release new features to support your publishing journey.




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*$10/title/year listing fee is involved


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