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Sell your print book in over 40,000 online stores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, other independent bookstores, chain stores, libraries, and universities. With PublishDrive, you can get to Ingram book distribution and sell your print books globally.


Extend Your Reach to Ingram and Beyond
Publish in Over 400 Stores and 200K+ Libraries

global distribution with PublishDrive

Why Publish with PublishDrive?

PublishDrive simplifies the publishing & distribution process by offering a friendly interface and all the tools you need to reach global audiences and maximize your sales.

Distribute ebooks, audiobooks, and paperback formats to all major online and regional channels.

  • Widest worldwide distribution network
  • One-click distribution to all stores 
  • Built-in analytics and sales reports
  • Royalty management 
  • Marketing and promotional tools
  • Easy management of a large inventory of books
  • Bulk import
  • Distribution to hard-to-reach markets like China, India, etc.
  • Global reach with print-on-demand books
  • Print-on-demand converter

Distribute to Ingram via PublishDrive

Ingram Content Group has a self-publishing platform, IngramSpark. Still, with a PublishDrive account, you’ll have a seamless publishing process, plus:

Friendly interface

Access the IngramSpark distribution list and manage print-on-demand self-publishing in a user-friendly interface.

Transparent analytics

Track sales for all your Ingram books, plus titles from other stores, using easy-to-read charts from the analytics tool available on the platform.

Publishing support

We help you with most of the print formatting requirements, ensuring your files are ready for Ingram global distribution.

A global audience

PublishDrive’s print-on-demand distribution through Ingram Content Group helps you send your physical books to readers around the world.

Why Ingram Distribution?

Ingram is one of the world’s largest wholesalers and book distribution companies specializing in print and print-on-demand distribution services. Ingram sells books to 40,000 book distributors, including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Baker & Taylor, and other global & regional chain bookstores, independent book retailers, university bookstores, online retailers, gift retailers, specialty retailers, museum shops, and public and school libraries.

Distribute print books

Reach Worldwide Readers with Your Print Books

With Ingram distribution partners, your books can reach readers from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia & New Zealand. Ingram Content Group’s mission to distribute books around the globe is beneficial for authors and publishers who want to tap into print-on-demand technology.

PublishDrive and Ingram Book Company open up to a worldwide audience who prefer the print format.

What Is Print-on-Demand Distribution?

The emerging print-on-demand companies and models are extremely beneficial to indies wanting to create and sell print books.

Instead of printing a large batch of copies upfront and storing them in inventory, publishers and authors use POD services to print and ship books as they are ordered by customers. This approach has revolutionized the publishing landscape, providing a more cost-effective and efficient way to bring books to readers.

You can set up your print-on-demand book with PublishDrive for Ingram and distribute your print-on-demand books globally.

Get Your Books Into One of the World’s Largest Wholesalers

Ingram has established relationships with numerous bookstores. This means retailers can easily order your books and make them available to customers through their network. As one of the largest book distributors, Ingram can save authors time and effort. 

Ingram distribution comes in handy when you don’t want to handle individual bookstores one by one (e.g., Baker & Taylor self-publishing).

If you're interested in Ingram Printing Company, you can tackle Ingram publishing through PublishDrive. In this way, you’ll also have access to other tools that ease the publishing experience.

Start distributing to Ingram Network

How to Get Started with PublishDrive and Ingram

Publishing print-on-demand books on Ingram’s network is fast and easy with PublishDrive. Ingram’s publishing and distribution network distributes your books to all 40,000 retailers represented by Ingram.


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