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[Webinar] Mastering Metadata: Unveiling Our AI-Powered Publishing Assistant

AI Book Metadata Generator webinar

Ready to boost your book's visibility to the right audience?

We’re launching the first tool from PublishDrive's Publishing Assistant: The AI Book Metadata Generator that applies cutting-edge technologies to give you tailored suggestions for optimizing your book metadata.

The AI Book Metadata Generator analyzes your manuscript and creates industry-standard recommendations for everything from title and blurb to keywords and categories.

Get help with:

  • Amazon & BISAC Categories: Find the perfect fit for your book.
  • Keywords: Improve search ranking with relevant keywords.
  • Blurbs: Craft descriptions that grab readers' attention.
  • Prices: Get suggestions on a price for your book based on the pricing of other similar titles on the market.
  • And more

Want to see it in action? Join our hosts, Matthew Sanderson - Product Marketing Expert, and Róbert Csizmár - PublishDrive's CTO, to discover how the AI Book Metadata Generator works.

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