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How do we calculate your royalty?

Your royalty will depend on the country your book is sold in, and on the business model of the particular store. Let’s see an example of a book sold in Apple iBooks.

For books sold in the USA:

Price10 USD
Apple royalty (30%)3 USD
PublishDrive royalty (10%)1 USD
Publisher (60%)6 USD

Books sold outside of USA, for example in Europe, may be subject to the local VAT on ebooks. VAT can range from 0% to as much as 30%. In the following example we will see how your royalties will be calculated in a country where VAT is 20%:

Price10 USD
VAT (20%)1.7 USD
Apple royalty (30%)2.5 USD


PublishDrive royalty (10%)0.8 USD


Publisher (60%)5 USD


Based on this logic, if the VAT is just 3%, your royalties will be higher.

We offer better terms – faster payment.

Unlike other players who pay you upon receiving the funds from the stores, PublishDrive offers a payment guarantee: you’ll get paid monthly, whether or not we received the funds.

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