How to Promote a Book - Book Promotion Tactics in One Place

Learn how PublishDrive supports your book launch with: book promotion services & in-store or mailing lists for ebook, print and audiobook.

In-Store Marketing for Published Authors

Group of independent authors strategizing how to publish and promote their book

Our efforts have resulted in important partnerships with major ebook retailers and we’re happy to pass these, mostly free, mostly monthly, opportunities on to you!

Check your PublishDrive dashboard, or your inbox to look for opportunities and new tools that help you market your book better.

As a PublishDrive author or publisher, all you have to do is let us know which promotion options interest you, and we do the rest.

Amazon Advertising Made Easy



Want to promote your Kindle (KDP Select) book?
Amazon's Sponsored Product ads are a powerful way to boost your book marketing
Whether you are exclusively on Kindle Unlimited, or publish to every book store.
We offer Amazon ads on our platform for book promotion services for ALL book formats!

Manage Amazon ads directly through our platform with the help of Savant, the artificial intelligence robot to help you target your books to the potential readers.

The best part is, you can use the Amazon Advertising feature without publishing on PublishDrive - feel free to advertise any of your, or your friends’ books!

“So it was a great relief to find PublishDrive's tool so user-friendly & quick to set up!”

- Mez Blume, Published Author

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In-Store Featuring to Boost Your Book’s Visibility

PublishDrive recommends high quality or popular titles to teams at top book retailers. If selected, your book will be featured in stores' special categories, such as: New Releases, SF Picks, or Editor’s Choice. 

Readers are busy people just like you. Curated lists help them decide what to read next that boost PublishDrive author's sales.

Imagine, your book appearing on the front page of Apple Books as Editor’s Choice - it can happen with PublishDrive’s editorial submission


“It was easy submitting a title to be featured.”

- Douglas Smith, Published Author


Run Price Promotions


When it comes to pricing, seeting it to free can help boost visibility with in-store featuring options. The same applies to  editorial submissions to newsletters.

More readers will download your book, and potentially more readers will check out your author page/website.

Now, you have the option to price your book for free with PublishDrive. Whether it's your debut novel, or you have a series of books where the first part of the series is free.

You can price your book for free forever, or for any scheduled timeframe as well, even on Amazon and Kindle. 


“I’m an author who does a great deal of interviews. One of the main requirements is sending the host of the show a copy of my latest book. With this seamless feature, I can pick the format they desire and have the assurance it is protected and cannot be distributed without my permission. This is an essential feature that I will use on a regular basis.”

- Gary Collins, Published Author


Send Review Copies Easily, Instantly, & Securely

PublishDrive will distribute free review copies, an essential part of your ebook promotion, to: Apple Books and Google Play Books (and soon to Kobo). 

These protected copies are available for 28 days and cannot be forwarded or copied beyond the intended recipient.

This is a worry-free, convenient way of sending free ebooks directly to readers and influencers. You just have to add the email address of the reviewer, and you are ready to go!


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Set Your Book on Pre-Order


Price Promotions to Discount Your Books on a Schedule


Take advantage of one of the most powerful sales strategies out there and run price promotions for your books through PublishDrive.

Now, if you have a Bookbub or any other marketing campaign where your book has to be discounted, you can count on PublishDrive’s price promotion feature!

Easily schedule price promotions from one dashboard by setting run times in advance or grouping them together as campaigns, in a few quick steps.


Social Media Promotion for Sharing Your News


Did your book win an award? Have you been selected for a BookBub campaign? Have a new partnership with a co-author? Are you running a price promotion or have some blog posts about your work you'd like to share?

Let us know and take advantage of our social reach! PublishDrive is happy to share your news on social media and even in our newsletter. Submit your book for a chance to be featured on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page.


Newsletter Featuring to Drive More Book Sales


Get your book featured on book promotion sites with the help of Bargain Booksy, Freebooksy and other genre specific options.

Discounted books have more possibilities of getting in front of millions of potential readers with daily emails in their inbox!


Sign up with PublishDrive and start publishing and promoting your book today - we’re ready to help you every step of the way!


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Bonus: Top 10 Book Promotion Tactics from
Bestselling PublishDrive Authors


1. Refresh your Cover and Description

Don’t judge a book by its cover - they say, but we all know readers do!

Make sure, you invest in a high quality cover, one that grabs attention.

Also, rewrite your book's description, so the first two sentences catch the attention of readers - that’s what most stores display in their search results.


2. Create Book Trailers

Give readers a sneak peak into that book you've worked so hard on. 

Readers like to read a few pages of a book before the decide to go ahead and buy.

Give them good reasons to do so!

3. Create Author Pages with every store

Start with Author Central from Amazon, but don’t forget about other stores such as Google Play Books.

Creating your author page will help you rank higher in search results.

4. Build Marketing Plans

Marketing starts way before your official release date. Draw on your reader profiles, and write to them early on.


5. Launch your new book

The best marketing tool your readers want, is for you to launch a new book!

6. Co-Write books 

Authors are your friends who you can collaborate with to become more successful.

Co-writing books is a big trend among self-publishing authors. You can share the burden of writing, publishing, the marketing and at the end, the royalties. 

7. Cross-Promote books with other authors

Many best-selling self-published authors share their audience with each other with cross-promotion tactics through email newsletter swaps or social media post swaps. 

8. Organize Book launch parties

There is no better way to engage potential readers than organizing a book launch party where you can go live and share some insights about the book!

9. Advertise on Facebook

Don’t underestimate the power of paid advertising (and your online author brand). Besides Amazon Advertising, your Facebook page and ads can do lots for your business.

10. Email subscribers

Start building your email list from day one, so you will be able to communicate with readers early on.

How? Offer a free chapter, a different kind of book, a free short story, or a contest in return to email addresses.


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