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Why add Audiobook For More Revenue?


Audiobooks are a booming trend, with over 67 million people listening to atleast one a year.

With PublishDrive, indies can easily publish and manage audiobooks along with their ebooks and print books with the same account. 



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Why you should publish audio with PublishDrive:


  • Take-home royalties are the same as going directly with stores
  • Earn up to 50% after sales from stores
  • Get a head start with exclusive promotion deals: Google Play, Kobo, OverDrive, Findaway, Scribd, and more in the works!
  • Handle all self-publishing matters like distribution, marketing, & sales in one dashboard
  • Publish audiobook, ebook, and print under one roof


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Why join 18,000+ indies that choose PublishDrive to go wide?


Access to Google & China

  • 400+ other stores
  • 240,000 libraries
  • Reach all major retailers from one place

Maximize Earnings

  • Earn like going directly
  • Keep 100% of royalties
  • First title is free, forever

Boost sales

  • Review copy distribution
  • In-store featuring & price promotions
  • Built-in Amazon ads


How to Publish an Audiobook:


  • Step 1: Sign up to PublishDrive
  • Step 2: Select ‘Distribution’ then your plan
  • Step 3: Upload your first audiobook title
  • Step 4: Check out your channel list under ‘Stores’
  • Step 5: Submit your audiobook for publishing

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