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  • Sell your ebook in all markets and increase your take-home royalties by at least 27%
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  • Advertise using an AI-powered Amazon Ads tool
  • Get real-time sales data and reports
  • Use Publisher Tools like bulk import of books, and catalog or API access
  • Handle all self-publishing matters like distribution, marketing, and sales with one dashboard
  • Collect 100% royalties, get exclusive book promotions, boost ebook sales, and more

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Boost sales

  • Review copy distribution
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  • Built-in Amazon ads

How to Publish an ebook with PublishDrive?

  • Step 1: Sign up to PublishDrive
  • Step 2: Select ‘Distribution’, then your plan
  • Step 3: Upload your first files (mobi or epub format)
  • Step 4: Check out your channel list under ‘Stores’
  • Step 5: Submit your ebook for publishing

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