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PublishDrive is an official OverDrive partner that can help you publish and distribute your books. OverDrive offers a digital content catalog to more than 88,000 libraries and schools in 109 countries, including China and other Asian countries.


Extend Your Reach to OverDrive and Beyond
Publish in Over 400 Stores and 200K+ Libraries

global distribution with PublishDrive
Overdrive offers a global network of 88,000+ library and school partners in 109 countries. Using PublishDrive simplifies and extends your reach to over 200k+ libraries and 400+ stores

Why Publish with PublishDrive?

PublishDrive simplifies the publishing & distribution process by offering a friendly interface and all the tools you need to reach global audiences and maximize your sales.

Distribute ebooks, audiobooks, and paperback formats to all major online and regional channels.

  • Widest worldwide distribution network
  • One-click distribution to all stores 
  • Built-in analytics and sales reports
  • Royalty management 
  • Marketing and promotional tools
  • Easy management of a large inventory of books
  • Bulk import
  • Distribution to hard-to-reach markets like China, India, etc.
  • Global reach with print-on-demand books
  • Print-on-demand converter

Bulk Title Import 

Use PublishDrive to bulk import and organize book titles – a feature made to simplify distribution and tracking.

Publish Globally 

Handle global book publishing and book distribution using one single platform and its built-in tools.

API Integration

PublishDrive’s API system improves your connectivity to enjoy a publishing process without interruption.

Royalty Management

Manage author royalties and keep track of all your income using a simple royalty-management feature.

Simplified Store Submission

Automate the way you upload books to stores. PublishDrive handles everything from BISAC codes to metadata.

Financial Reports

Use our sales analytics to generate easy-to-understand financial reports, track sales, and never miss a payment.

Book Marketing Services

Help your titles gain traction and sell more books using our built-in marketing tools and in-store promotional opportunities.

Ebooks and Audiobooks

Get a wider reach for your ebooks and audiobooks by distributing them to multiple digital stores and libraries at once.


Get access to an easy publishing and distribution process for print-on-demand books and reach global audiences.  

Why OverDrive?

OverDrive is a digital distribution platform that provides users access to ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and other digital media through their local libraries and educational institutions.

OverDrive’s reading app, Libby, offers public library readers a joyful and seamless experience.

Many readers, including avid book enthusiasts, use libraries to discover and access new books. By distributing books through OverDrive, authors and publishers can tap into the library network, expanding their potential readership and building a loyal following.

With more registered borrowers than ever, you sure want to get your books into digital libraries.

Distribute to OverDrive

Reach China Using OverDrive for Distribution

With OverDrive, you can get your books into digital libraries from China. Find over 35,000+ Chinese titles from over 500 publishers in OverDrive's catalog and marketplace, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Being OverDrive’s official partner, PublishDrive can help you distribute your Chinese books to the world’s most extensive digital library. 


Get Your Books on OverDrive – A Global Distributor of Digital Content

OverDrive has been widely adopted by libraries and educational institutions worldwide to expand their offerings into the digital space. With PublishDrive, you can distribute your titles to OverDrive and other digital library providers and reach millions of readers daily, including hard-to-reach markets like China.

Distribute to OverDrive

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