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Self-publish your book to Amazon, where you earn up to 70% of the list price. PublishDrive offers advanced promotional features to market books on Amazon. With the built-in Amazon Advertising tool, it is easier to handle your publishing business in one place.

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About Amazon
Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers. The platform started with selling books and now dominates the United States ecommerce market with over 145m mobile app users. Still today, Books is the #5 bestseller category on Amazon (after electronics, clothes, home and beauty). Read more
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Why publish a book on Amazon?
Reach more readers
Amazon Kindle has dominance over the US ecommerce market, capturing almost 50% of sales. Every month there are over 200 million people visiting Amazon’s site. Locally, stores are in 13 countries. Millions of books are being found every day - it’s time you reach them!
Use the best promotional tools to boost your sales
Would you want to set your book for free during a promo period on Amazon Kindle? How about setting only the first part of the series for free? Manage pricing easily on Amazon with PublishDrive. We also made it simple to use Amazon Advertising with our built-in tool. Get a better understanding of how to find your right target audience and spend your budget on effective advertising with PublishDrive.
Get instant technical help and support
Publishing can have many nuances such as figuring out your file format or metadata on Kindle. We understand you may need some extra help. That’s why we’ve built tools like Savant, the AI categorization tool. Savant helps you find the best book category for optimized metadata. Also, our supportive Publishing Coach team is ready to help at any time. Check out our customer service new releases about articles and tips to improve your listing on Amazon.
How to Publish on Amazon?
Publishing ebook and print on Amazon is fast and easy! We distribute your books to the Amazon Kindle store where you earn up to 70% of the list price. Don’t worry about collecting your earnings on Amazon - we do it for you
Step 2: Upload your book
Step 3: Follow PublishDrive’s instructions to start publishing on Amazon

Authors who distribute ebooks to Amazon through PublishDrive don’t need an ISBN. This way, the publishing process is easy and accessible for everyone.


PublishDrive will convert your ebook in the right format for Amazon (mobi) and optimize it for great reader experience. PublishDrive is here to support you!


Start marketing with PublishDrive early on. Try setting up your book on preorder for a year from now on Amazon Kindle. You do not need the final content materials for the upload - only placeholders for your cover and your content file. Prepare your team of reviewers and get as much feedback as possible before the official launch date!


You can include your title for Print-On-Demand publishing on Kindle with PublishDrive. Don’t miss out on getting physical copies of your book. They can be useful for fun marketing photo ops.


In order to improve your book sales, ir’s important to pay attention to your ratings and rankings. But most importantly, make sure you have at least 30 reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. Track your rankings and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads within PublishDrive’s dashboard. We help you stay on top of your game!

Published your books on Amazon Kindle already? It’s ok, PublishDrive can handle them!
Transfer your titles easily and keep all your reviews and rankings on Amazon Kindle. This applies if you published books through your direct iTunes Connect account. Maximize your income and enjoy hassle-free transition with PublishDrive, so your favorite retail stores are managed all in one place.
Why is Amazon KDP Select not the best fit for my books?
Amazon KDP Select or Kindle Select is a program run by Amazon. This is where authors and publishers publish exclusively with Amazon, otherwise, Amazon gives price consequence with loss on royalties. This ecosystem works well for some kind of books. However, most New York Times or USA Today bestsellers are published on all possible platforms.
Publishing on one platform exclusively could be an easy answer to many publishing topics and issues. But if your goal is to build your publishing business for the long term, we recommend something different. For the long term, it is better to rely on more partners.
With PublishDrive, authors earn 2x more instead of publishing only on Amazon. This is a good reason to start exploring other markets!
Publishing on other platforms can be overwhelming and you can make a lot of mistakes. But, it is worthwhile if you decide to commit to a wider audience globally. PublishDrive is your partner for that. Publishing with PublishDrive on global markets is a long-term game, just like your publishing business.
Amazon Kindle promotional options tailored for your books
PublishDrive will get you the most promotional opportunities for your books. Give the best treatment to your books and stand out from the crowd. Imagine capturing a small proportion of 206 million people visiting Amazon’s site every month with the right tools in your hands.
Promotional Pricing: Everybody loves a bargain! Run temporary price promotions in the Amazon Kindle store to take advantage of promo sales. With promotional pricing through Kindle Daily and Monthly Deals, you can boost discoverability and sales. Also, you can set permafree pricing to sell your book for free in Amazon Kindle.
Amazon advertising: We’ve integrated Amazon’s powerful advertising tool into our platform. This allows authors and publishes to easily manage ebook distribution and marketing all in the same place.
About PublishDrive
PublishDrive is a self-publishing platform helping thousands of authors and publishers. We support you to distribute books worldwide, market strategically and achieve success on your own terms. We’d love for you to join us.
The best support indie authors can get.
Authors and indies love our user-friendly interface, wide reach, and supportive Publisher Coaches at PublishDrive. We solve problems quickly and regularly release new features to support your publishing journey.

Thank you So much Bridget, and everyone at PublishDrive. Words are too simple to express my gratitude to you all. If I could fill your day with ice cream I would...

You guys are amazinig. I really don’t know how you do it. Getting into China is HUGE. Thanks!

As a side note: I really appretiate this service. Very clever and surely very helpful for authors without serious money or influence to get out there. So thank you!

Thank you! You guys are the best support, by far, I have come across. You are kind, understanding and go the extra mile. I can even ask the stupid questions and know I’ll get an answer. I’ll be recommending PublishDrive to all authors I know.

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