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Use Book Promotion Options Directly Through PublishDrive!

We have an early gift we’d like to share: ebook promotion features are now available directly on the PublishDrive platform.!

Many of our users have been requesting marketing features like these, and we’ve been listening. Our developers have taken your feedback and created some powerful ways to manage ebook marketing and publishing on a single platform. We can’t wait for authors to take advantage of these new book marketing services, here are the benefits:

Book promotion options for authors

PublishDrive’s Ebook Marketing Options Explained

Price Promotion

Offering discounted books are great for marketing your book. Running one can be a powerful strategy for not only your book launch but throughout your entire marketing plan. We’ve made it very easy to run and manage your own with on our platform.

From one location in your dashboard, you can also access four price promo options with our partner Written Word Media. WWM is a platform with multiple book promotion sites that reach a significant amount of readers. We’re sure you can find the right kind of campaign for your book, which you may go here to see more details.

Built-In Amazon Advertising Tool

Amazon’s Sponsored Product ads are among the most powerful marketing tools for authors who sell ebooks on Amazon. But since it takes some time to learn, we developed a built-in tool to help out. It integrates Amazon advertising for ebooks so you can manage ads directly from our platform.

Automatic targeting matches your ad with relevant keywords similar to the book you want to advertise. Manual keyword targeting targets with handpicked keywords. Product targeting is used for refining your campaign. And Negative keywords are used to exclude keywords to prevent traffic from driving up costs.

If done right, Amazon ads can powerfully drive sales, helping you get more people to read your book. The tool also integrates Savant, our AI tech, which helps identify the most relevant products to target. Use it for reaching optimal campaign performance (help guide).

Review Copy Distribution

Online book reviews and author pages are invaluable for indies. They strengthen your online brand and create social proof. They also help qualify you for promotional newsletters and other third-party book promotion services.

Together, all of these factors influence consumer behavior, helping you with more book sales. If you’re an indie author essentially managing your own author business, how do you get reviews?

Some authors reach out to their own mailing lists for honest reviews, which is effective but a lot to do. Others use third-party services to offer their free ebooks, which is also a great option, but it costs money.

With PublishDrive’s review copy distribution, we’ll handle all the work for you. This feature includes the distribution of free review copies to readers through Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Kobo. These review copies are also protected available for 28 days and can’t be forwarded to anyone beyond the intended recipient. This is a worry-free and convenient way of sending review copies directly to readers and influencers.

Imagine being able to send your books to teams at top ebook retailers. We’ve made it possible to get editorial reviews with our new “featured title” option. We’ll recommend your books to teams who are in charge of creating curated lists for their stores.

If selected, you get your book publicly displayed in the store, in special categories like New Releases or Editor’s Choice. While we can’t guarantee your book will be selected, it's still a great opportunity to increase readership.

Social Media Promotion

Many authors know that social media is a powerful tool for ebook marketing. But for new authors or those not familiar with social media, it’s difficult to gain traction with a small following. Take advantage of our social reach and sell more books with this new feature for authors marketing.

If you have a price promotion, author interview, updated book cover, or anything else, definitely let us know about it. We’d be happy to spread the word through our social media channels. Using the marketing feature platform, send us a short description of what you’d like to promote and why. We can’t guarantee that every submission will be featured, but we’ll carefully review the requests one by one.

Stay tuned for more marketing features that we have planned. We’re always seeking new ways of helping indie authors succeed. If you have an idea for a marketing feature, contact us directly through the new marketing platform to submit your recommendations.

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