Split royalties and manage shared costs easily

Streamline royalty calculation processes, track finances, save time and boost productivity. No more spreadsheets, just effective and transparent author collaborations.

First title is free. Forever.

The Royalty Management Tool Your Indie Publishing Company Needs

Teamwork makes the dream work. We understand collaborating with other authors can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finances. But not anymore. Boost trust in your team with transparent data-sharing and manage royalties like never before. Read our one-pager about PD Abacus.

Automatic Royalty Calculating

Calculate co-author royalties for Amazon KDP books (including KU), add other costs and revenue streams to be always on top of your financial tracking game.

Unlimited Contributors

Add as many team members as you want per title. For added security, only the book owner has access to the full sales data and royalty percentages.

Customized Royalty Reports

Generate detailed royalty reports for your team. Contributors can only see their share of royalties, giving you full authority on calculating finances.

with Michael Anderle

Read more in our case study detailing how PD Abacus, the ultimate royalty splitting solution, saves hours of time for co-authors and indie publishers.

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Enjoy royalty splitting for your first title for free. Forever

Enjoy royalty splitting for your first title for free. Forever

Only $2.99 /title/month after.

Words from our Partners

Stephen Campbell

VP Operations,
LMBPN® Publishing

“PD Abacus will save meaningful amounts of time for LMBPN® Publishing. The royalty calculation, confirmation and distribution process for our hundreds of books and audiobooks to dozens of authors has taken days of staff work each month. That process shrinks to a few hours with PD Abacus.”

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