PD Abacus

No more monthly headache - PD Abacus makes it easy to calculate co-author royalties, keep track of team costs, and distribute royalty reports to each contributor. Your first title is FREE forever - get started today!

The smart solution for co-author royalty management

Calculate co-author royalties, track costs, and share data among contributors using a streamlined dashboard.

Royalty Calculating

Easily calculate everyone’s share of the royalties using imported Amazon KDP data. You can also manually add other income data and related costs to see your full financial picture.

Unlimited Contributors

Royalties can be calculated for an unlimited number of contributors per title. For added security, only the book owner has access to sales data and royalty percentages.

Generate Royalty Reports

Securely distribute customized royalty reports to your team. Contributors can see their share of royalties on the reports, but cannot view royalty percentages for anyone else.

How does it work?


Simply upload your Amazon KDP report, we’ll do the rest.

Add your contributors

Define the share your contributors will get.

Get your report

See the aggregated amount to be paid per contributor.

Words from our Partners

Stephen Campbell

VP Operations,
LMBPN® Publishing

“PD Abacus will save meaningful amounts of time for LMBPN® Publishing. The royalty calculation, confirmation and distribution process for our hundreds of books and audiobooks to dozens of authors has taken days of staff work each month. That process shrinks to a few hours with PD Abacus.”

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First title is Free Forever then $2.99/title/month.

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