How to Publish on Scribd: A Simple Guide to Scribd Publishing

Sell your book on Scribd and reach over 1 million active readers. Learn how to get started with the world’s leading reading service.

When it comes to bookworms, you are either a hoarder or a Marie Kondo follower. I am a hoarder, but from time to time, I appreciate not having to go through the acrobatics of fitting new books into crowded shelves. This is how I discovered Scribd.

If you have ever asked yourself how to publish on Scribd and access Scribd audiobooks and Scribd books, this article will give you the answers.

What Is Scribd?

Scribd is an extensive digital repository packed with ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, news articles, sheet music, and documents. Users can access them by paying a monthly subscription. Additionally, all users, even those without a subscription, can upload their content to the document library and access numerous other documents of the community members free of charge. 

How Does Scribd Work and Why Is It Popular Among Readers?

Avid readers are the most sought-after in the publishing industry, but with more books in more formats and in more places than ever, it is becoming increasingly difficult for readers to decide on the best purchase. Also, most of these readers are part of the 14-35 age group, which is not notorious for its income level, adding further pressure on value-for-money decisions.

Scribd works on a paid subscription model, with a membership that costs $8.99/month. At this price, readers get access to unlimited titles. As a new reader, you just add your credit card details, and you can enjoy a free trial month of subscription.

Readers seem to like this plan, as Scribd had more than 1.5 million subscribers as of May 2021.

How Does Scribd Pay Authors?

Subscription-based models have different policies. Some pay based on the number of pages read. (That’s why many publishers don’t want to sell their books to subscription platforms. They fear losing royalties with the smaller revenue that comes in, as not everyone reads the books to the end.) To make this easier for authors, Scribd pays the full price once 20% of the book is read.

Many authors often ask, "Does Scribd pay royalties to authors?" The answer is yes; Scribd does pay authors for their content through a revenue-sharing model based on the number of reads their work receives from subscribers. 

Now, to determine how much does Scribd pay authors, it is important to  know it depends on various factors, such as the content's popularity, the number of subscribers, and the revenue generated by the platform.

Why Publish on Scribd?

If you are an author seeking an innovative platform on which to publish your work, then you should consider Scribd. Here are the top reasons to do so:

  • Scribd Publishing: By using Scribd's publishing features, authors can reach a vast audience of readers who are already engaged with the platform, increasing their visibility and potential readership.
  • Ease of Access: Learning how to publish on Scribd is a straightforward process, allowing authors to focus on creating quality content rather than navigating complex publishing procedures.
  • Diverse Content: Scribd's extensive library includes a wide range of interesting and engaging content, which may attract more readers.
  • Subscription Model: Scribd's subscription model provides readers with an affordable way to access a vast collection of content. This encourages readers to explore and discover new authors and genres.
  • Community Engagement: Scribd's platform allows authors to connect with readers and other creators, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Author Control: Authors maintain control over their work when publishing on Scribd, giving them the freedom to update, modify or remove their content as needed.

How to Publish on Scribd

Scribd doesn’t have the option for authors to upload and self-publish your books directly on their platform. However, there is a simple way to make your ebooks and audiobooks available through them. All you need to do is publish through a book aggregator such as PublishDrive.

Through PublishDrive, authors enjoy a streamlined process for their self-publishing journey. Moreover, the distribution doesn’t stop at just one platform, like Scribd. Authors who use PublishDrive can also distribute their work internationally, including to hard-to-reach markets like China. 

PublishDrive provides a suite of services, such as ebook conversion, and book promotion services, that further assist authors in refining their work for publication. 

Start publishing on Scribd

Get Started on Scribd with PublishDrive

PublishDrive offers an array of ebook publishing services to aid authors throughout their self-publishing process. Writers and publishers can publish and distribute their works across the globe while using the extensive marketing tools provided by the platform to boost their books' discoverability. 

Here is how to publish on Scribd with PublishDrive, as well as other 20+ channels, 400+ stores, and thousands of digital libraries worldwide.

  1. Create a PublishDrive account.
  2. Go to My Books in the Dashboard, and choose to upload a new title – ebook, audiobook, or print.
  3. Fill out the creators' names.
  4. Fill out the book’s metadata and add a relevant description. 
  5. Set the book’s price.
  6. Define your rights and set a publication date. In this step, you can also set pre-orders.
  7. Select the stores. Click Enable on each store you want to distribute your book to.
  8. Click on the Publish button. 
  9. Start collecting revenue.

Note: After publishing, once you earn royalties, you’ll start seeing those payouts after two months (although it could be longer, depending on the reporting and payment cycles of the different stores.) 

💡There is an array of special services to be discovered and used in the PublishDrive platform, such as print-on-demand, royalty splitting, and the POD cover template generator.

How to Promote Books on Scribd with PublishDrive

There’s no magic answer to how to make money on Scribd, but my advice is to focus on producing high-quality content that will attract readers and encourage them to engage with the text. Authors looking to maximize their earnings on Scribd should ensure their content is well-written, well-formatted, and appealing to their target audience.

Plus, authors should always combine uploading their books to retailers with a few marketing tactics, which we’ll talk about now.

Promotions are very important to your book’s success. Here is what you should know:

  • PublishDrive has several built-in features and tools that create a perfect book network for authors and publishers. 
  • You can choose from Paid promotions and Advanced promotions. They are all designed to advertise your books, giving you the opportunity to increase your revenue. 

To promote your book on Scribd, PublishDrive has in-store featuring opportunities and promotional opportunities for newly released titles. 

To select one of those, head to the dashboard and click on Promotions > Advanced Promotions.

Here is how to make the most of your books’ availability on Scribd.

  1. Featuring

You can submit your book to be featured in popular newsletters by clicking Featuring > Select a Campaign. You just need to make sure your title is already distributed in the store of choice.

  1. Store-specific featuring

PublishDrive authors can access store-specific features based on certain criteria. All you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter and look for emails from our PublishDrive merchandiser, Fruzina Sugar, in your inbox.

  1. Social media featuring

PublishDrive is happy to share authors’ success stories with an increasing community of writers and publishers on social media channels.

As an author, you should direct your energy into engaging your readership and advertising any possibility for them to find your writings through all available channels. 

Scribd Away!

Authors seeking to enhance discoverability and revenue should definitely consider Scribd as a valuable platform for their works. 

By choosing to publish on Scribd, writers can tap into a vast audience of engaged readers who are eager to explore new content in the form of Scribd books and Scribd audiobooks. This increased visibility can lead to a significant boost in sales and a stronger author brand.

Learning how to make money on Scribd can be a worthwhile investment of time and effort. The platform offers a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience and generate more income, while PublishDrive is happy to accompany you through the process. 

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