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Brave New Bookshelf Episode 11 – The Power of AI Automation with Chelle Honiker from Indie Author Magazine

In this episode, hosts Steph Pajonas and Danica Favorite dive into the dynamic intersection of AI and authorship with Chelle Honiker. 

As a pivotal figure in the indie author community, Chelle shares her unique approach to utilizing AI and automation in the publishing industry. 

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Here are the highlights of this insightful discussion.

Meet Chelle Honiker

Chelle Honiker is a powerhouse in the indie author world, juggling roles as the co-founder and publisher of Indie Author Magazine, director of programming for Author Nation, and co-founder of IndieAuthorTraining.com.

Her expertise in automation and AI has made her a sought-after figure, transforming the way authors work and publish.

The Power of Automation

Chelle’s journey with automation began in her days as a travel agent, when she realized the value of automating repetitive tasks. This experience laid the foundation for her current strategies in publishing.

Key Automations

  • Email Management: Automating email triage allows Chelle to focus on critical tasks without getting bogged down by constant email checks.
  • Task Management: Tools like Zapier automate her task list, ensuring important tasks are prioritized.
  • Content Creation: Automation helps in generating blog posts, social media content, and managing newsletters, giving Chelle more time for creative pursuits.

AI in Publishing

At Indie Author Magazine, Chelle and her team use AI thoughtfully to balance efficiency and creativity while keeping the unique voice of their writers intact.

Example of AI Applications

  • Content Assistance: Human-written articles are refined and optimized using AI tools like ProWritingAid and custom GPT models.
  • Social Media and Marketing: AI generates blurbs, keywords, and social media posts, which are then personalized by the team.
  • Audio Versions: AI-generated audio versions of articles enhance accessibility, catering to neurodiverse readers and those who prefer listening.

The Ethical Use of AI

Chelle emphasizes the importance of responsible AI use. By understanding the technology and making informed decisions, AI serves as a tool for enhancement, not a replacement for human creativity.

Direct to Readers: A New Approach

One of the most exciting projects Chelle discussed is Direct2Readers.com, a closed large language model designed to help readers find books based on specific criteria. This innovative tool connects readers directly with authors, enhancing discoverability for indie authors.

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