Let’s Meet Up at Frankfurt Book Fair!

Frankfurt Book Fair 2021

Are you going to this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair on October 20th - 24th? If yes, we should meet (in person or online)! Sign up for a spot 👇

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What should we talk about?

  • How to distribute more books to more stores and countries
  • How to reach a wider audience with multiple book formats
  • Sales-boosting tactics, tips, and best practices
  • Any special requirements or support PublishDrive can provide for you
  • Anything on your mind about self-publishing!

Who will you be meeting with?

Kinga Jentetics is the Co-founder and CEO of PublishDrive, leading the platform’s development for indies like you to publish quicker, promote smarter, and get the discoverability (and royalties) you deserve. Since 2015, her team has helped publish over 100,000 books worldwide.

Abhishek Sehgal is PublishDrive Publisher Relationship Manager, ready to support wherever you are in the publishing journey. With more than 5 years of experience in account services, his ultimate goal is to get you more royalties.

What is Frankfurt Book Fair?

Frankfurt Book Fair is the world's largest trade fair for books, considered to be the most important book fair for international deals and trading. Ultimately, it’s a meeting point for all contributors in the world of books. Learn more

Reasons to attend:

Why meet PublishDrive?

Thought leadership: PublishDrive has gone to numerous conferences to speak about the latest insights in the self-publishing industry. CEO Kinga Jentetics was nominated as tech entrepreneur of the year at Digital Book World and more. The team is a part of Google’s acceleration program.

Expertise: The developers at PublishDrive are constantly innovating and building smart publishing tools to help indies sell faster and better. We’re proud of our AI tech, advanced partnership with retailers, and being one of the only book aggregator companies approved and trusted by Apple.

Experience: Since 2015, we’ve helped over 18,000 indies publish over 100,000 books worldwide. And by the end of 2020, our indies boosted their digital book sales by 85% (despite the pandemic!) We saw countless book categories, stores, and markets bring success for authors and publishers alike.

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