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💬 Definition of Book Design:

Book design refers to the cover art and the book's layout. Each of them is very important for the success of the book. The cover attracts the reader's attention, but the layout is what keeps them engaged while reading.

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What are the elements of a book design?

As said previously, a book design has two main parts that get divided into more elements. 

The interior design or the book's layout: 

  • Front matter: the first section of a book which usually appears only in the first of a multi-volume work. Some other elements (such as a table of contents or index) may appear in each volume.
  • Body matter: this part has the main content of the book (chapters, sections, etc.)
  • Back matter (end matter): it can have one or more elements, such as an epilogue, conclusion, appendix, glossary, bibliography, and afterword.

The cover art:

  • Front cover: it has the title, and the author's name placed on an illustration that matches the book's content. Note: The illustration should be regarded as a whole when it comes to the front cover, spine, and back cover. Think of dust jackets: when detached, you can see the same illustration throughout all three parts. For some books, the spine may have another color to make it more visible on the bookshelf.
  • Spine: is the vertical edge of a book, which has the title and the author's name, and it can be seen when placed on a bookshelf. 
  • Back cover: this part has the blurb or book description

Why should I hire a book layout designer?

You can design a book cover and handle the book formatting yourself, but if you're unsure of the outcome, you can always search for an illustrator to help. They can make sure everything is consistent and looks good so your readers will have a great reading experience.

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