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💬 Definition of Foreign Rights:

Foreign Rights represent the right to publish a book in its original language but in countries other than that in which the book was originally published.

Related questions about foreign rights:

What is the difference between Foreign Rights and Translation Rights?

While Foreign Rights address the rights to publish a work in its original language but in different territories, Translation Rights refer to the rights to publish a book in languages other than the original. These two are different, but they are often used together as Foreign Rights.

How to get Foreign Rights?

Foreign Rights are granted automatically to the author when a book is written. Then, the author can negotiate the rights with their publisher, who can facilitate the distribution and translation of the book in other countries and languages.

The contract between the author and publisher specifies what set of publication rights and subsidiary rights are licensed exclusively to the publisher and for how long. If it applies, the publisher has the right to sub-license the subsidiary rights listed in the agreement to third parties. The contract also covers what languages and formats the work can be published in and in which Territories. 

What about Foreign Rights for self-published authors?

Usually, a self-published author gives away all the international rights by signing up for a certain platform. But this situation makes sense since the platform distributes books globally. Self-published authors must check their self-publishing services agreement and/or the print-on-demand provider to see if they own the foreign rights.

Why should you license your Foreign Rights?

Getting a book to other countries increases exposure and sales. Licensing foreign rights benefits the author, publisher, and the foreign publisher too. It can create significant wins for everyone. Self-published authors benefit from this kind of exposure as well. The difference is that they won’t share the profit with a publisher.

Legal Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice. Consult a qualified lawyer for all legal opinions for your specific situation.

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