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💬 Definition of Frontlist:

A frontlist is a collection of newly published titles available at the beginning of the year.

Related questions about frontlists:

What is the difference between frontlist and backlist?

The term frontlist refers to new titles released throughout a year. This means the collection is open for new titles during the entire year in progress. On the other hand, a backlist means older titles from a publisher that are still available for purchase. 

What is the frontlist-backlist marketing dynamic?

To increase sales, bookstores focus on frontlist titles marketed extensively by publishing companies and authors. With limited shelf space, books known and loved by readers but published in the previous year become part of the backlist. However, these represent the steady sales for every bookstore. 

How to promote a frontlist title?

There are several tactics available to promote a frontlist title. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Run a promotion campaign before a new release. Set a discount for a limited period and create a campaign around it. Mention on your author website and social media channels that this is a limited offer. Readers who don't know you will be more willing to buy a discounted book. 
  2. Gather as many book reviews as possible. Readers want to see several reviews and a good average on a 5-star rating scale before buying a book. One of the ways to find your reviewers is by looking at reviews of comp titles and finding out who their Top Reviewers are. Contact them and offer an ARC (advance reader copy) of the tile in return for their honest opinion. You can also send the ARC to your email list and other authors or book influencers. 
  3. Sample a few free chapters. Use your author website or reseller platforms to sample a few free chapters of your book. End with a cliffhanger to convince your readers to buy the book. Ensure you include a call to action with a link to the purchase.
  4. Run ad campaigns. Create a targeted campaign for the readers who have expressed interest in your writing, yourself, or similar books.
  5. Contact people from your email list. Let them know you'll soon launch your book and include a link for pre-order. Send a reminder email to those who have opened your email and clicked on the links. Additionally, send a follow-up to those on your list who have not opened your first email. Include a few free chapters of your book in the email for better results.
  6. Take advantage of timely marketing campaigns. Are you a romance writer? Announce your new release just before Valentine's Day. Are you a chick-lit writer? Take advantage of summer vacation or spring breaks to market your book.

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