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💬 Definition of Endcap:

Endcap is a term used in retail marketing to refer to products at the end of the aisle. This location offers a competitive advantage and extra visibility over other products and is often given on a lease.

Related questions about endcaps:

What types of products are featured on endcaps?

Because of their displaying capacity, endcaps are associated with increased sales, which makes them the perfect spot to present frontlist titles in bookstores or supermarkets' reading sections. With reduced shelf space, this is a more pragmatic approach to introducing new releases that also reflects the genre division of the bookstore space. 

Are endcaps always associated with sales and promotions?

Endcaps provide emphasis on certain products. It may be that bookstores or retailers want to highlight a backlist with discounted titles and associate a particular spot with sales.

Endcaps can be linked to another marketing tactic. Once a store uses a specific area as an endcap for a while, and customers get used to going there for sales, that space can be used for something different. Shops can benefit from customers' behavior and shopping habits and use them to their advantage. 

How effective are endcaps?

Studies have shown that endcaps are better at selling the same products than in-aisle displays. This is based on several factors, such as accessibility, location, and emphasis on certain products, which in turn makes it easier to choose in a limited amount of time.

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