AI Writing Software. How to Use AI Content Generation to Enhance the Writing Process

AI writing software for authors

Artificial intelligence writing software is rapidly becoming a game-changer in content creation. AI writing tools redefine the very essence of the writing process. 

By streamlining keyword research, adapting to various writing styles, and optimizing the content creation process, writing AI software promises to revolutionize how we pen our thoughts. 

For writers and businesses alike, these AI tools for writing are more than just a trend—they offer a way to save time without compromising on quality.

So, what are the best AI writing programs? Browse below.

11 AI Content Writing Tools

AI software for writing is revolutionizing the way authors approach their craft, offering tools that can significantly advance their writing and elevate their business profile. 

This isn't just about software that writes for you; it's about employing a powerful AI writing editor that can take your content to the next level. 

Whether you're drafting blog posts, creating long-form content, or seeking to optimize existing work, an AI writer seamlessly integrates into the process. 

By harnessing the capabilities of such powerful AI, which generates content, authors can ensure their pieces are high quality and tailored to resonate with their target audience. 

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Here are the best AI writing software available:

A. For writing novels

1. Sudowrite

ai writing tools sudowrite

Sudowrite is one of the best AI writing tools tailored for novelists. It works as an AI book writer and an AI text editor by using variants of the Chat GPT algorithm.

This AI writing program uses the power of natural language processing coupled with machine learning. It sparks ideas with keyword and synonym suggestions. 

What makes Sudowrite unique is its ability to provide authors with insights into potential reader feedback, enabling a deeper understanding of their audience. 

Sudowrite has a vast library of resources, so authors have all the necessary tools. This AI novel writer supports multiple languages and adapts to the user's input language.

Sudowrite also works as a Chrome Extension. If you want to add it, look for Sudowrite: AI Fiction Writer for Google Docs in the Chrome Web Store.

It also has a YouTube page where you can follow their class replays and more. Such as this one:

Sudowrite offers three different plans, each with a free trial. Each feature uses up credits based on the AI model and the number of words it reads and writes for you.

2. Squibler

ai book writing software squibler

Squibler is an AI book writing software designed to assist writers with various aspects of the writing process. 

It can help you overcome writer's block by generating creative text formats, like storylines or scenes, based on your ideas. It also offers a text editor, helps you set daily or project-based word count goals, and tracks your progress.

Squibler goes beyond basic writing by offering image and short video generation, book cover design assistance, and even live writing sessions.

Since it’s so author-focused, this AI writing software deserves a try. It has a free plan available, so you can test it without any commitment.

3. Claude

claude ai writing tool

Claude is an AI novel writing software that is rapidly becoming a choice among AI fiction writers.  What makes it a great AI writing app is its capacity to craft great prose without using the flowery language often found in GPT-4 outputs.

Moreover, Claude is also a choice for analyzing novels, generating marketing materials, building wikis, and handling lengthy instructions.

This AI writing tool is free at the moment.

4. Rytr

rytr AI writing software

Rytr stands out among AI tools for content writing as one of the most comprehensive AI-driven platforms in the publishing industry. 

As an AI writing software, Rytr is packed with many functionalities and has many use cases, including Creative Writing. It works as a custom poem generator, AI song generator, and an AI story generator.

It’s also a must-have for authors who take care of their marketing strategies, providing many copywriting frameworks for different situations, such as Facebook posts, video descriptions, product descriptions, and others.

If you want to test out AI in the publishing industry, Rytr's free plan is an excellent starting point. 

5. Publishing.ai

publishing AI writing tool

Publishing.ai announced itself to be one of the best AI software for writing, designed to help self-publishers create high-quality books faster and more cost-effectively. Its use of artificial intelligence helps authors with various aspects of the self-publishing process, including AI creative writing.

Here are some key features:

  • Publishing.ai can help you brainstorm ideas, develop outlines, and even generate draft content for your book.
  • The software offers features to edit and revise your manuscrip

Although AI-generated, this writing tool says it helps create “full manuscripts that are socially responsible & ethically-aligned."

Publishing.ai was still in BETA when this article was published, but you can join the waitlist to be notified when this AI publishing software will be available to the public.

6. Sassbook

ai writing tools sassbook

AI for writing has come a long way, and Sassbook stands out as a premier AI book writer tool. This software presents a dynamic range of genres for those looking to use AI to write a book. Sassbook can churn out fresh ideas, ensuring authors get the perfect fit for their narrative.

Sassbook features are proof that AI tools for writing are not to be ignored since

  • It offers a structured system where authors can lay out events, characters, and locations, maintaining plot coherence and ensuring a seamless storytelling journey.
  • It keeps you focused by reminding authors of their objectives and ensuring they align with their writing goals.
  • It enhances the joy of the writing process.

Sassbook has a free plan if you want to test it a bit.

7. Chat GPT

ai writing tools chat gpt

AI writing tools, like the popular Chat GPT, can be a writer's best friend.

Authors can use Chat GPT (considered one of the best AI writers) to brainstorm ideas for characters, plots, and settings and even outline novels. 

It can provide prompts to jumpstart creativity and even act as a first-draft editor, checking grammar and flow. While it can't replace a professional editor, it can offer feedback to get you started.

Plus, AI can research historical contexts and cultures to enrich your story (be mindful, though; it might not have the latest information).

B. For short-form content

Authors need short-form content for marketing purposes. If you want to write emails, social media posts, YouTube descriptions, or any other form of content way faster to have more time for writing your novel, here are a few tools you can consider.

8. Jasper

jasper AI writing tool

Jasper is among the best AI writer tools available on the market. This AI content software is not necessarily for writing plots, like Sudowrite, but it can be used for writing blog posts, emails, or other forms of writing.

Jasper's main strength lies in its advanced neural network and natural language processing capabilities. Not only does it generate imaginative text, but it continually learns to enhance its idea-generation process. 

It has three plans: Business, Pro, and Creator.

9. WriterZen

ai writing tools writerzen

WriterZen stands out as one of the best AI for writing, particularly for SEO-focused content. 

Its strength lies in its data-driven methodology, making it a great tool for those crafting content for websites, blogs, and landing pages. 

This AI book writer simplifies SEO content creation, ensuring your content attracts significant organic traffic. It helps you pinpoint high-traffic yet low-competition keywords and crafts content outlines using advanced NPL analysis by referencing top search results. 

It discovers relevant keyword clusters from the Google Keyword data and Google Suggest Database. Its plagiarism and originality detection features guarantee the uniqueness of your content.

It has three plans tailored to different needs.

10. Grammarly

ai writing tools grammarly

One of the best writing AI tools, Grammarly, is an outstanding AI text editor designed to improve grammar. While it might not enhance the creative side of writing, it excels in ensuring that sentences are grammatically impeccable by detecting spelling and grammar errors.

It can spot discrepancies that might escape a writer's notice, particularly typos, which often go undetected as authors are caught up in the big picture. 

Grammarly comes with a free plan for individual users. But it also has two paid plans: Premium and Business.

11. INK

ai writing tools ink

INK uses artificial intelligence to help users with marketing copies and long-form content (blog posts). It also helps find relevant keywords to target your content for search engines and plan a content calendar to schedule content creation. 

INK can also create images to go with your content and even edit your writing for grammar, clarity, and flow. 

What sets it apart is its Content Shield, which is a book report writer AI that detects plagiarism and verifies whether algorithms might tag it as AI-generated. 

It has two paid plans, with a free trial for each.

C. For content repurposing 

12. Apple Books Digital Narration

ai writing tools digital narration

This isn’t exactly a writing tool, but it helps you transform your ebooks into audiobooks using advanced text-to-speech technology. After writing your book, it might be worth changing its format to reach new audiences.

Apple’s digital voices are modeled on human narrators, offering a natural listening experience.

This program is ideal for independent authors and small publishers who want to create audiobooks from their ebooks.

How to enroll?

  • Partner with a preferred service provider like PublishDrive, Draft2Digital, or Ingram CoreSource.

What books qualify?

  • Your ebook must be available on Apple Books.
  • You must own the audiobook rights.
  • The book's primary category must be romance, fiction, mystery & thriller, or science fiction & fantasy.
  • It must be in English.
  • Complex formatting, excessive foreign languages, and editorial issues might disqualify your book.

Selection Process:

  • Nominations are submitted through your chosen partner, and Apple will evaluate them.
  • Don't be discouraged if your book isn't accepted initially. The program is expanding, and future submissions might be successful.

Once Accepted:

  • Choose a voice for your audiobook from the available genre samples.
  • Provide custom cover art (optional) following Apple’s requirements.
  • Write a compelling description using Apple's tips.
  • Select a release date (allow 1-2 months for processing).

Important Note:

  • Pre-orders are not currently supported.

PublishDrive is one of Apple’s preferred providers. You can publish and distribute ebooks and audiobooks to Apple using PublishDrive. We’ve also added Apple Books digital narration to our set of features, so if you distribute your ebook to Apple with us, you can have an audiobook in no time by simply switching on the feature from the list of stores.

How to Use Apple Books Digital Narration via PublishDrive

The process is simple. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. If you’re on PublishDrive

If you distribute your ebook via PublishDrive to Apple Books, you can enable Apple Book digital narration as an additional store from our list.

After enabling the store, your ebook will be automatically sent to Apple to turn it into an audiobook and make it available for sale.

It takes approximately two months for Apple to process your request and make the audiobook.

  1. If you’re not on PublishDrive

In case you haven’t distributed your ebook with PublishDrive yet, you can follow a few easy steps:

  • Create an account
  • Upload your ebook files
  • Set up book metadata
  • Select the distribution stores, including Apple Books
  • Hit publish

Once your ebook is distributed to Apple Books, you can then enable the Apple Books digital narration.

How to Decide What Is the Best AI Writing Tool

Embracing AI writing software is a game-changer for authors seeking to refine their craft and maximize their self-publishing potential. 

AI writing tools can refine your writing style, enhance grammar, and help your writing process, especially for novels. When creativity stalls, these tools can reignite inspiration. You can also use AI software development services to tailor solutions to specific author needs.

As helpful as they can be, AI writing software tools are just that – a help for your existing processes. They aren't author replacements.

You can use an AI tool as a program that writes for you, helping with the content creation process.

Choosing the right AI software depends on individual needs. The key is simply using them for what they are AI tools for writing that help authors make the most of their creative process.

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