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OCLC Acquires cloudLibrary

OCLC Acquires cloudLibrary

OCLC, a global library cooperative, announced on April 2 its acquisition of cloudLibrary, a platform offering expansive access to digital content through libraries. 

The acquisition includes the assets of the Digital Solutions Group of Bibliotheca

Matthew Bellamy, President of Bibliotheca, voiced his support for the acquisition, emphasizing the seamless transition and continued integration with Bibliotheca products under OCLC's stewardship.

Bibliotheca is part of PublishDrive’s distribution network.

For PublishDrive's authors and publishers, it is important to note that this acquisition does not alter the financial or content operational aspects. However, they can expect to see updates to the logo and name on the PublishDrive platform and website, reflecting the new chapter for cloudLibrary under OCLC's leadership. 

cloudLibrary, trusted by nearly 500 libraries across 20 countries, serves as a vital resource for accessing a diverse range of digital content.

Its offerings encompass millions of ebooks and audiobooks alongside an extensive selection of magazines, digital newspapers, comics, and streaming media services available in over 50 languages. 

The platform's highly regarded mobile app facilitates easy access for library members, while its web portal ensures seamless management of digital subscriptions for library staff.

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