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Top 5 Tips to Leverage LinkedIn as an Indie Author

Top 5 Tips to Leverage LinkedIn as an Indie Author

author Gary Collins

This article was written with the help of Gary Collins, bestselling author of the “Living Off The Grid” and “The Simple Life” book series. In addition to being a bestselling author, he has taught at the university college level, consulted and trained college level athletes, and been interviewed for his expertise on various subjects by CBS Sports, Coast to Coast AM, The RT Network, and FOX News.

You’ve probably heard some of your friends mentioning: “A headhunter tracked me down on LinkedIn, and I got a new job,” or, “I made a new business partnership via LinkedIn.” LinkedIn is a great tool for professional advancement in most industries, but did you know it can even boost your author business?

In this article I’ll introduce you to the world of LinkedIn and how to make the best use of LinkedIn for authors. To better showcase the main benefits, I interviewed Gary Collins, the bestselling non-fiction author who uses LinkedIn extensively to build his author business.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is like a constant online conference or networking event where you can meet representatives of all industries and all businesses. Essentially, it’s like a “Facebook for Professionals,” offering all the tools you need for business. You can use LinkedIn for:

  • Job searches: get hired at your dream company.
  • Recruiting: hire someone else.
  • Sales: build your small business with new leads.
  • Reputation: build your professional brand.

Why is LinkedIn Important for Authors?

I started to use LinkedIn in 2012 and now I have over 8,000 followers. Over the years, I’ve learned how to successfully build a following and fully leverage this social media platform. My follower base is pretty broad; most of them are based all over the US and in Europe.

If you are an author or an indie publisher, LinkedIn is an essential way to build your professional presence besides the regular social media channels, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Why? It’s not the most obvious answer, as most of you will not find readers there, unless you are publishing non-fiction (especially self-help, STM, academic, or business books).

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SFWA Nebula Conference 2019: What You Need to Know

SFWA Nebula Conference 2019: What You Need to Know

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s 54th annual conference and Nebula Awards ceremony is just around the corner — and it’s SOLD OUT!

If you’ve got your ticket, great! If not, it might not be too late. According to the conference site, you can reach out to the SFWA Events Team at to be notified when additional tickets are released. Visit here for more info.

For authors who are new to speculative fiction writing and have not yet joined a writing group or a formal writing organization, now is a good time to consider SFWA. SFWA is a non-profit membership organization that has been around since 1965, “empowering authors” and supporting and spreading the news about the genre “in the United States and elsewhere”.

If you’re headed to the SFWA Nebula Conference in 2019, check out our quick overview of the highlights and what we’re looking forward to this year.

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Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Author Brand with Social Media

Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Author Brand with Social Media

As an author, you might be thinking, “Why should I waste my time on Instagram?” or “I’m on deadline. I don’t have time to tweet.” When used effectively, social media can dramatically boost discoverability and strengthen your author brand. You should make it a priority to schedule your Instagram posts, regularly update your blog, share interesting tips and stories on Twitter, and engage with fans on Facebook.

Why is Social Media Important for Author Branding?

This might seem like a waste of time or an optional part of being a successful author, but staying consistent in the social media game makes a big difference, especially when you’ve been asked to speak on panels, attend conferences, go on book tours, and give talks. People will look you up beforehand. They will tweet you while they’re reading your book on the bus. You’ll get Instagram comments from readers who are queueing at your book signing.

Kate Bowler, Matt Haig, Adam Kay, Jessie Burton, Dolly Alderton, and Elizabeth Day play this game very well. They consistently use social media as part of their public profiles as authors. It helps sell concert tickets, get podcast subscribers, and secure radio spots.

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Exploring the Power of Stories at the 2019 San Diego Writers Festival

SD Writers Festival 2019 Recap

I recently attended the first annual San Diego Writers Festival at the beautiful Central Library in downtown San Diego. Throughout the festival’s presentations and performances, I encountered a recurring theme: “the power of stories.”

The power of stories is what drove many of us to write in the first place, and of course, it’s why we read. But this power goes far beyond allowing us to temporarily escape in a book. The speakers and presenters at the San Diego Writers Festival showed us that stories can also drive social change and allow those who’ve been silenced to claim their own narrative.

If you didn’t have a chance to make it to this year’s festival, this recap will give you an overview of the great things happening in San Diego’s literary scene, and I’ll take a closer look at how the presentations explored the power of stories.Continue Reading…


Meet the PublishDrive Team at This Year’s Writing Conferences!


PublishDrive Writing Conferences 2019

Writing conferences are essential to your career as an author: you can attend informative presentations, connect with like-minded authors, and establish important connections that may boost your career down the line. Our team is lucky enough to travel to writers conferences around the world every year, and we’ve seen first-hand how authors benefit from these events.

Do you have any writing conferences planned this year? We just finalized our schedule for part of 2019, and we’d love to meet you in person! Chatting with PublishDrive authors is one of our favorite things about attending conferences.

See if we’re heading to a conference near you with the schedule below, and feel free to follow us on social media to keep in touch!

Kinga Jentetics
Adam Woods
Phyllis Azar
Dalma Szentpály
Monica Dubé

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How to Set up a Mailing List for Authors, Get Subscribers, and Sell More Books

How to set up a mailing list for authors, get more subscribers, and sell more books

If you’re a self-published author and you don’t have a mailing list or newsletter set up, this should be your number-one priority.

Why is a mailing list so important for authors?

It allows you to directly target readers who enjoy your books, update your fans with new releases, and boost your leverage for professional collaborations. Trendy marketing tactics may come and go, but your mailing list will always remain one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Mailing lists do require an initial time investment to set up; once you’ve done the hard part, you can sit back and collect those all-important email sign-ups. This post will show you everything you need to know about:

  • Setting up a mailing list for authors
  • How to get more subscribers (even if you haven’t published yet)
  • Using your mailing list to sell more books as a self-published author

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Your Ultimate Guide to Front Matter and Back Matter

Your Ultimate Guide to Front Matter and Back Matter

Think about every time you open a book: you probably skim through the first few pages until you reach chapter one. But what about the books you love?

You likely go back to these pages (called “front matter” and “back matter”) to learn about the author, see if there are any intriguing dedications, and discover whether the author has other books to check out.

This is why front/back matter is so important: it funnels readers to your website, prompts them to sign up for your mailing list, and guides them to your backlist.

This comprehensive guide will explore topics like:

  • What exactly is front matter and back matter?
  • What should you include in front/back matter?
  • How can front/back matter boost ebook sales?

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How to Write the Perfect Author Bio

how to write the perfect author bio with author bio examples

ag billig author branding expert

“How to Write the Perfect Author Bio” is brought to you by A.G. Billig. She is a published fiction and nonfiction author and the founder of the award-winning blog, Self-Publishing Mastery. As a self-publishing expert and author coach, A.G. Billig helps authors become successful. Her key areas of expertise are brand building, traditional media and PR, book launch events and campaigns, public appearances (including TV and radio interviews) and using metadata. 

Nailing down your author bio can be as daunting as writing a compelling first paragraph in a chapter or being interviewed for the first time. You may be overwhelmed by the richness of your life and have a hard time leaving things out. Or you may feel that, when it comes to anything other than your books, you’ve got nothing interesting to say.

In any case – this is an important part of your author business that you shouldn’t overlook. A great bio can serve as the foundation of your brand and help readers relate to you.

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The Top Writing Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss as an Indie Author or Publisher

top writing conferences for indie authors and publishers

Networking at conferences is an essential part of an author’s career. It allows you to learn from other authors, build marketing campaigns together, and strategize co-author partnerships.

I personally love going to conferences; it gives me the opportunity to meet face-to-face with inspiring people and build meaningful partnerships. However, time is the most expensive resource we all have: whether you are a writer, an authorpreneur, or a business owner, you need to plan your time carefully.

In the beginning of 2019, I attended three conferences: San Francisco Writers Conference, Smarter Artist Summit in Austin, and the London Book Fair. Based on my experiences, I’ll give you an overview so you can plan your conference schedule going forward and give your author career the boost it needs.

(It’s important to note that any of these conferences will give you value, whether you’re a new indie author or a publishing pro).

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Kindle Unlimited/KDP Select vs. Going Wide: Which is Better for Self-Published Authors?

Kindle Unlimited KDP Select vs. Going Wide Which is Better for Self-Published Author

Indie authors are faced with an important decision when self-publishing ebooks: go “wide” or stay exclusive to Amazon?

Either side can argue that one is the better choice – and if you’re a member of any online author forum, you’ve probably seen this go down first-hand! But there is no one-size-fits-all answer: it really comes down to your goals, preferences, the genre you write in, and more.

To help you understand these options, we’re taking an in-depth look at the pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited/KDP Select and going wide for self-published authors.

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