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PublishDrive CEO in panel about self-publishing at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Book fairs are the gathering points of book industry professionals such as investor events or conferences for startups. Everyone goes there for networking and hustling their companies. According to this logic Frankfurt Book Fair is the SXSW for book industry professionals in Europe.

It is never a question whether you should attend Frankfurt Book Fair or not – if you want to meet in person your colleagues or partners who you are constantly in conversation with via email or you want to party out with your future partners, this is the best place to be!

In 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair PublishDrive was honored to be invited by Porter Anderson from The Bookseller to one of the panels about digital publishing. Our CEO, Kinga Jentetics was speaking about how self-publishers may exploit their opportunities in the digital publishing scene. We had the amazing opportunity to speak up with Porter Anderson from The Bookseller, Mary Cummings from Diversion Books and Cameron Drew from Booktrack.

There are a lot of amazing things what these other guys in the panel do, but what the most astonishing for me was during the panel discussion that the audience was extremely engaged and asked very thoughtful questions. We had a full audience eager to ask questions about PublishDrive. Many of them considered themselves as an author or very small publisher, but who are eager to learn more about ebook publishing.

The most important questions were the following:

How does PublishDrive handle metadata?

PublishDrive helps you store your metadata (title, ISBN number, price etc.) in one place in a user-friendly format. Afterwords we take care of all metadata management issues for different retailers. In every country retailers use different categorization for instance in different formats (ONIX, excel sheet, emails!), which makes your metadata management difficult. With PublishDrive we focus on bridging those gaps, so your books will be categorized in the best way in other countries as well.

Does PublishDrive provide professional editing during its book review system? How are books reviewed and in what languages?

We do not offer professional editing, because we believe, you as a content creator are the best in this job. We can offer you services who can help you with that, but our main focus is on helping you in the ebook management process, not in the content creation part. With PublishDrive we accept all languages and all kind of content, however we take care of avoiding explicit content. Other than that we do not judge the content itself, because we believe your readers will decide whether your book is good or not. But in all, we are happy to give you any advice on your content if you need.

What kind of marketing options does PublishDrive have?

PublishDrive has built in social media integration, so you directly can post to your Facebook or Twitter fans in our platform. With PublishDrive we have personal relationships to all stores with extra merchandizing options. Every month we compile a merchandizing plan for our retailer partners where your book may be included. As a result your book may be featured in Apple iBooks for instance. However these services are not guaranteed, because editors will review ourbook suggestions, but we found that 95% of our suggestions were featured for 1 week at least. We do merchandizing plan for free, and we appreciate all relevant marketing materials from you.

What languages does PublishDrive support?

We accept all languages. Currently we have more than 20 different languages in our platform from English to Turkish, Roman, Hungarian, Serbian etc. We constantly develop our retailer partner list globally, so feel free to upload content in any languages.

How is international pricing handled at PublishDrive?

We make pricing easy for you: you set your own currency for pricing and we will do the rest for you. In the background we calculate ebook prices for different countries in different currencies taking into account cultural differencies as well. This way we make sure your ebook reaches the right audience at the right price.

It was an honour to take part in the panel discussion with Porter Anderson at Frankfurt Book Fair and to meet so many new publishers and author, see you next time as well!


HOT SPOT – Digital Innovation


Waiting for the crowd at FBF 2015


Earn more money with affiliate program @ PublishDrive!

We are happy to announce a new affiliate program for ebook publishing!

We found that 30% of our current customers invite others to use our platform. We want to give you back for all of your effort and encourage you to spread the word about PublishDrive. That is why we have launched our affiliate program, where you can easily invite your friends to PublishDrive, meanwhile you earn money!

If you successfully invite publishers, you will earn 3% commission after all sales of first 6 months of publishers you have invited.

How does it work?

·     after registration at you will receive your own affiliate registration link. You should tell your acquaintance about PublishDrive and send them your link

·     every publisher that use this link for registration will be counted as your acquirement

·     for every sale made by these publishers you will have 3% commission for 6 month after the registration of the publisher

At affiliate page – within PublishDrive – you can follow:

·     who made registration with your affiliate link, and when it happened

·     how many books “your” publishers have uploaded

·     how much you earned for each month

And finally:

·     We send your earnings to your bank account 🙂

That’s all! To start, please sign in to, click on the Affiliate button and walk through the steps there.


New market segment drives ebook sales globally

Publishers and authors are getting more independent and strong-minded about looking for new ways to distribute books globally. They are building sustainable business and managing digital innovation in favor of their long-term goals: finding new readers and increasing their sales globally through new intelligent solutions. But they may miss one selling point in their business: finding new readers in new markets through new stores where Amazon and other major retailers are not the most dominant ones and where English language content is still a scarcity.

Not only innovation in the publishing industry, but demographic trends may help publishers rethink their strategy about exporting their books across the globe. New market segments may arise in a world through mobilization of workforce and education where the market should have been traditionally separated by language and geography. But this situation has changed and marketers have to be aware of the new trends to build appropriate strategy around it.

A UN study (United Nations, 2013) released that 232 million people, or 3.2 percent of the world’s population, lived outside of their countries of origin in 2013. That figure compares to 175 million in 2000 and 154 million in 1990 which shows a significant increase of expatriates community all around the world. An expatriate is “a person who lives outside their native country” according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Although, these people come from different cultures with different background, they share one common value: they want to be reconnected with their countries by consuming local content which may be even English, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish or Polish or any other language all around the world.

This common value may be noticed in our sales numbers for a 1.5 year period at PublishDrive in case of one specific Eastern European language, Hungarian content depicted on figure below. A very exciting sales trend may be concluded about these numbers: an average of 31% of sales are coming from people living outside of their home country which shows an emerging new market segment, the expatriates which could not be reached before ebooks and before PublishDrive’s service. Although, Hungarian language is a relatively small language, spoken by 11 million people all around the world and claims to have 350 000 registered expatriates globally (Blaskó, SEEMIG, 2014), this demographic change affects all countries around the world.

As a comparison, you may think that this trend is relevant only for emerging markets on the Eastern part of the world, but data tells the opposite: last year 324 000 people left Britain mostly in hope for better job opportunities somewhere else (Bennett, 2015). As a result, more than 6m British people living permanently abroad counting for almost one in 10 of the UK population. (UN, 2013)

The thorough analysis of sales data in PublishDrive shows that there is a moderate relationship between the increasing sales number of ebooks abroad and the overall sales meaning that there is a new market segment in forms of expatriates who may drive ebook sales. The nominal value and volume of expat sales is constantly increasing showing a higher volume of purchasing power, greater interest in local content and more openness to innovative products from the end-user perspective at expatriates.

Results suggest that expatriate sales are dominant part of overall sales in the industry which may open new doors for publishing revenues. With PublishDrive there are many new stores covered in the East and Baltic area of Europe, Asia and Africa and our partnerships with ebook stores are growing constantly to increase ebook sales globally.


Blaskó, Z., & Jamalia, N. (2014). Surveying Emigration I. Report on the first stage of the SEEMIG pilot study in Hungary and Serbia. Research report developed within the project ‘SEEMIG Managing Migration and Its Effects – Transnational Actions Towards Evidence Based Strategies’. Demographic Research Institute (DRI) and Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO). Budapest: SEEMIG

Bennett, A. (2015): Emigration nation: who are the thousands fleeing Britain each year? Via: Date of download: 20.08.2015

United Nations (2013): International Migration Report 2013. Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division. Downloaded:…/development/…/population/…/Full_Docu…