Publishing Books on PublishDrive – Step-by-step Guide

The first step for your global publishing after signing up is to create your epub and upload it to PublishDrive. Publishing books on PublishDrive? Watch this video or keep reading.

(Article and video updated on 16/02/2018.)

How to upload a book?

Choose the Add book from epub option on the home page or click Add book / Add book from .epub.

Your book page comes up: this’ll be the dashboard not only to upload your book, but to make any changes in the future. All parameters you see here can be changed any time without even withdrawing the book. Read this article on making changes on your book.

Drop or upload the content file (epub) and the cover file (jpg). We accept epub 2 and epub 3 formats and don’t run epub validation during upload. We check epubs for validity in the background. If there are any errors in the code, we’ll try to fix it unless the book is unopenable.

Once you drop your epub file, we read whatever metadata your epub file contains and automatically fill in those fields. The rest of the fields you’ll have to fill in manually. The required fields are: Publisher/Imprint, Title, Language, Page number, Category, Description, Suggested retail price, Publication date.

Mandatory fields

Choose Publisher/Imprint: The imprint has double function. We use imprints to display the publisher in most stores (so you can be displayed under your own name or under the name of your publishing house), and we also use imprints to set the stores your book is going to.

ISBN field: just leave it empty if you don’t have an ISBN. We’ll automatically assign an identifier to your book. If your book already has an ISBN, you are welcome to keep it and use it. Read more on our ISBN policy here.

Contributor: This is the field for your author, illustrator and translator. If your book is in the public domain, please always add the translator as contributor. If your book is not in the public domain, there is no such requirement. (But we still recommend it as common courtesy.) You can use your pen name in the contributor field, but please don’t use pen names that could be misleading for readers.

Title and subtitle: Enter the title as it is to be seen on the cover, but with “Title Case”. Follow the title capitalisation rules of your language. The subtitle should go to the subtitle field. Most stores display the subtitle using the same case as the title, separated by a colon. For example, Title: Subtitle. Our content review team uses Amazon’s metadata guidelines when checking the books. According to those, please don’t add any keyword in the title, subtitle or series field.

Categories: Select up to three categories for your book. You can enter your BISAC code or select from the list. You can also just start typing the category you would like to use and it will come up. Your book will display in the stores withing the category you chose. The more specific you are, the more likely it is that your possible readers find your book.

Series: The accurate name of your series. Please make sure that you always enter your series name exactly the same way, for example don’t enter A Mean Mushroom Book once and Mean Mushrooms next. If your series is indicated properly, shops will automatically organise the books in the series into series pages. If your series field is not empty, you can add the volume in the next field. Just enter a number.

Language: Signal the primary language of your book. You can add multiple languages. If your book is a Spanish coursebook where the instruction language is English, please select “English” as primary language and add Spanish as secondary language. If you select “Spanish” as the primary language, your book will be displayed to Spanish speakers, not to English-native Spanish learners.

Page number: The ebook has a different number of pages depending on whether you read it on the computer screen, tablet, e-reader or smartphone. Number of pages does not really make any sense in terms of ebooks… But the option is there to let the readers know how long the book is they are paying for. If an author does not have a print version, we ask them to calculate the number of pages not by opening the book on different devices but by knowing how many characters are on a page in an average print book (1024). Many stores (Amazon or Kobo) calculate their own numbers based on the length of the book. Others will use the number we send in.

Description: it should be unique and accurately describe your book. Please don’t add any references to prices and any links. It should not contain any explicit words or phrases.

Add Digital list price and Publication date. If you give a future date, pre-orders will automatically be allowed and your book will be available to pre-order immediately in the stores that have this option.

Don’t forget to signal your rights under Rights management: we don’t ask for any proof (unless we see something fishy), but would like to know whether your book is in the public domain, you wrote it or you are the publisher.

Optional fields

Optional fields include:


Keywords (It only comes up once your description has been filled in. Just enter some keywords separated by commas.)

Target Audience (Required for children’s books.)

Territory rights (Start typing.)

Print version list price, ISBN and publication year

Publishing books

Just save to publish! If your profile is complete, you can send the book to stores immediately.

Publish a book in Publishdrive

Publish a book in Publishdrive

Before publishing the books, our colleagues will review them both automatically and manually. If everything is fine, PublishDrive will send your titles to the stores.

Do you need to change something? You can update your metadata (price, description or even an updated epub file) any time and we’ll send the updates to the retailers.





Order an ebook conversion in Publishdrive

PublishDrive is the most intelligent ebook publishing platform where you may ask for ebook conversion if your books are available only in docx, InDesign file, rtf, html or PDF. After conversion, you can publish your beautiful ebook to iBooks, Kindle, Google Play and to 400 other outlets easily.

Technical details about the ebook conversion

You have to pay a one time fee for ebook conversion based on the complexity and length of the book (average price: 0.5 USD per page). We prefer to receive docx, InDesign file, rtf or html as an input format, but the print PDF can be uploaded as well to make sure your ebook will be similar to the print book version. After successful conversion your files can be downloaded via PublishDrive, so you can use them on your own as well (so you as the copyright holder will be able to sell those ebooks in your own shop, but not in the stores where PublishDrive is publishing your books already).

We will get in contact with you regarding your ebook conversion order and it takes usually 3 business days per one book. But in case of complex and long ebooks it may be a longer period.

Ebook conversion order steps in Publishdrive

Register for free in PublishDrive and log in.

ebook conversion

Choose “Add a book” option in your account and select the ‘Order conversion to ebook’.

ebook conversion

Follow the instructions.

ebook conversion

Provide your book details.

ebook conversion

Upload your book manuscript and cover file. You may add more source files like docx, pdf, indd, etc.

ebook conversion

Provide the accurate number of characters and images. Open a text editor program and check it out.

ebook conversion

ebook conversion

ebook conversion

After typing in the accurate numbers, you’ll be able to see the price of conversion. When you accept the following conditions you can save and pay.

ebook conversion

You can pay via Paypal.

ebook conversion

ebook conversionAfter payment, wait for your epub file getting ready. We use human power to create your beautiful ebook, so it takes usually a few days until it is converted. Your ebook will be high quality, commercially valid file which is the first step if you want to sell your ebooks globally.

After successful conversion your epub file can be downloaded via PublishDrive.


PublishDrive demo ebook publishing

Check out our demo ebook publishing video, so you can see how PublishDrive works in realtime.

If you like what you see, sign up and start increasing ebook sales by publishing over 400 stores in 100 countries!




Profile Settings at PublishDrive – Step-by-step Guide

After a successful registration (read more here), you should go through your settings: set your payment and legal details and imprints information.

Watch this short video or keep reading.

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Ebook publishing platform registration

Watch this video on how to register at PublishDrive:

You can register at

Don’t like videos? Read on.

ebook publishing

Fill in the form.

ebook publishing

By signing up you agree to Publishdrive’s Terms and Conditions.

In the second step, you can select between self-publisher account or publishing company account, and choose your preferred currency for billing.

ebook publishing

After finishing the registration we send you an email for verification. (Make sure to check your spam folder too.) Email verification is needed to use all features of PublishDrive. If you don’t receive this message in a few hours please contact us at

ebook publishing

5ebook publishing

After a successful registration just log in and start publishing your books!


Ebook formatting – too large cover in epub file

Does your beautiful ebook have some unexpected problems when you tried to upload it to Publishdrive? One of the very common errors PublishDrive may show you ‘The embedded cover image is too large.’ it means your cover art is too large in your epub file because pixel number is over 4 million pixels.  Do not feel embarrassed if you do not know how to fix these issues. It is simple, but you have to know some simple tricks in the ebook editor Sigil. If you have never used Sigil ebook editor before, with some simple steps you can fix these issues.
It’s simple! We will show the solution, so that you can do it yourself too.

What should you know about the cover art in an ebook?

  • Can’t be blurry, pixelated, mismatched, misaligned, rotated, incorrect, or have other similar quality issues.
  • Should include only the front cover and not the back cover.
  • Can’t promote websites that sell books.
  • Should be spelled correctly and match the information provided in the metadata and book.
  • Can’t contain materials that infringe the rights of others.
  • There should not be any references to the physical book.
  • The pixel limit is 4 million pixels.


For editing, open the ebook in the Sigil ebook editor.


Find the cover from the images folder on the left side.


Save as the cover.


Link your file to an image editor program (Paint, Photoshop, etc.)


Choose the resize function in the image editor program.


Resize pixelsizes.


Change the vertical size maximum 1000 px and Save.



You can take the new cover into the epub.

Search Image/Add Existing Files… and choose the new cover (this has the same file name).




Add Semantics to your new cover.


Check and replace the cover in the text.



Save the file and close the Sigil epub ebook editor.


You can upload your epub to Publishdrive.


Ebook Pricing Guide for Different Markets – How to do it right

Writing an ebook is hard. Pricing it should not be harder. Ebook pricing, however, can often feel like a maze without exits. It is easy to get lost or confused. With the following ebook pricing guide we would like to help beginners and seasoned publishers to find their way out.

If you are interested in different ebook pricing business models, keep reading. The first part of this article is for you.

If you are a self-publisher, however, and “nominal revenue share” is all Greek to you, just click on the links to skip the first part, and jump to learn about international markets, Amazon KDP and tips and tricks for setting the price of your book.

(Article was updated on 17/01/2018.)

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Ebook Marketing Tips for Beginners: The Starter List

Publishing an ebook worldwide does not guarantee that your potential readers will know about it and find it. Without fine-tuning your marketing, you might not reach the readers you want to reach. Don’t worry: ebook marketing should not be expensive, nor complicated. This article is presenting you with tips and tricks everyone can try to market their ebooks. This is our starter list: ten things every new author should try to market their ebooks.

Read our checklist to learn how to stand out in a market filled with books similar to yours. But hey, remember: there is no golden road. What works for one author, does not definitely work for another. Try different things, experiment, and see what works for you. And, most of all: be creative! While many people hate marketing, it is so much more than cold sales. You are not trying to sell people something they don’t want; you just want to reach your readers who want to read your book, they just don’t know it yet.

(Ebook Marketing Tips for Beginners: The Starter List was updated on 22/01/2018.)

1. Fill in your metadata correctly

This sounds basic, but we are not afraid to say it: use your book metadata page. It is not only you who wants to sell their book, but also the stores: but they can’t help if your book is incorrectly categorised or your keywords are not filled in. Selecting the best category for your book and adding the correct keywords could mean that your book comes up in searches more often. 

How to find the best category? Check your favourites in the genre, and see which category and keywords they are using. This way, the stores will make intelligent connections between your book and the books of others. It will show up in searches even when your readers were searching for another books. Be relevant and find the niche-est group possible. However, don’t push it too far: adding keywords to your title or subtitle is generally frown upon. Stores do not like authors who are trying to “trick the system”. Use the keywords field for keywords, the description field for description, etc.

2. Ebook marketing superstars: the review bloggers

Nobody can sell your book as well as a satisfied reader. Reach out to bloggers and ask them to write reviews about your book. Of course, it requires some previous research in the blogger world. Look for the pros of your genre, build relationships, make friends. It does not work from one day to the next, but it is worth the effort. They can give your book relevant, unique and human-written reviews. Finding the right reviewers and building fruitful relationships with them is not easy. We have collected the most common pitfalls you should avoid when selecting and talking to your beta readers, and that advice pretty much works for review bloggers as well.

You can send review copies from PublishDrive via iBooks or Google Play Books. Read here what to do.

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IPG UK Quarterly Event by PublishDrive

Publishing industry is centered in London and New York where you can be in the vibe of the industry. PublishDrive had the awesome opportunity to get involved in the London publishing scene being a full member at Independent Publishers’ Guild UK. The IPG helps publishers to do better business and become part of a real community — somewhere they can find advice, benefits and information. They give independent companies the support they need to get the most out of publishing and keep their businesses growing what is in perfect line with the values of PublishDrive.

On 26th November there was an event organized by IPG Digital Quarterly – to have an overall view of the digital publishing industry. Andre Breedt (Director of Nielsen Book Research), Lindsey Mooney (Kobo’s Content Lead for the UK), Steve Potter (commercial manager of Wordery) and Jonathan Griffin (business development at PLS) were the key speakers at the event besides the networking part with juices and wine.

The main take away from the IPG workshop was that in the industry everyone is whispering about the threatening plateau of ebooks, but marketing activities can do a lot of magic for ebook sales. However from the presentation of Andre Breedt which was amazingly structured with data and statistics it turned out in my understanding that usually industry professionals does not count two major factors: ebook sales abroad (export) and self-publishing. These two areas are extremely difficult to measure, meanwhile at least 40% of titles are self-published which shows a massive amount of content not easy to track if there is no ISBN associated with the books. So the situation of ebook sales is not that bad at all despite the event at IPG, because emerging markets are still booming in ebook sales, meanwhile in more mature markets self-publishing has a louder voice which makes it less easy to measure in the industry.

Lindsey from Kobo showcased their marketing effort with real data and statistics – what is very unusual to make in public at an IPG event for instance. It turned out that on the UK market Kobo is a marginal player with a market share of 4-5%. However, Kobo is doing significantly better in other markets (such as Italy) and with their new acquisition of Flipkart, India could be an interesting area of growth. In overall, the main tendency is that engagement is growing at Kobo – consumers buy more books, but still 10% of customers make 50% of the sales, so it shows who starts reading an ebook, will be a huge fan and will read more. There are many marketing tips which were mentioned by Lindsey to be working at Kobo. For instance, merchandising activities such as Author Day and special merchandising promotions such as 3 for 2 increased the market share by 782% of the promoted books and by 914% in daily sales during promotion. The special “Daily Deals”  had even better results: 4340% increase in volume, 1615% increase in revenue. Kobo puts a lot of effort on their loyalty program, so the customers in their program buy 5 unit books per month on average and reads mostly romance.

With PublishDrive we believe that ebook sales are growing rapidly, if you can increase your reach in new markets and step foot in underserved areas. As a publisher you have to be more conscious about your ebook management processes and that is what PublishDrive gives you: control over your sales strategy and operations, meanwhile you can focus on the most important job: to create beautiful content.

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