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Brave New Bookshelf Episode 9 – Balancing Creativity and Technology with Cameron Sutter from Plottr

This episode dives into Plottr, the visual storytelling tool created by Cameron Sutter. Cameron is also the mind behind the Real Human Writers blog, which tackles the ever-changing role of AI in writing.

With a background in software engineering and a passion for machine learning, he offers a unique blend of technical prowess and creative insight. 

Join Danica and Steph as they explore Cameron's innovative work and his predictions for the future of writing in the AI era.

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About this episode

Integrating AI into Plottr

Cameron and his team explore ways to integrate AI into Plottr and make it a valuable tool. One primary use under consideration is brainstorming using AI to generate character ideas, scene suggestions, and plot points based on the user's story context. 

Ethical Perspectives on AI

Cameron maintains a balanced perspective on AI, acknowledging the divisiveness surrounding it in the writing community. He emphasizes that AI can be used ethically and responsibly, explaining that current large language models (LLMs) are sophisticated tools that assist rather than replace writers' creativity.

He proposes training an LLM solely on novels with authors' explicit permission, creating a more ethically sound dataset and potentially yielding better results for writers. This promising direction requires careful consideration of the source data and training methods.

For more information on Plottr, visit Plottr.com. To stay updated on Cameron’s thoughts on AI and writing, check out his blog at Real Human Writers.

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