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💬 Definition of a Boilerplate:

A boilerplate is any written text you can reuse in various contexts with little change to the original. The term is mainly used in communication and marketing but can also apply to contracts, media, and statements. For independent authors, having key resources in boilerplate form can help quickly and easily summarize the identity of an author's brand or style of writing in a short paragraph.

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Why is it called a boilerplate?

In the 19th century, a boilerplate was a plate of steel used as a template in the construction of steam boilers. The same steel plate was used for engraving ads and syndicated column copies for massive dissemination in multiple newspapers. Articles that were meant to be published for just one day were set in softer, less durable lead. These boilerplates were used up until the 1950s and were supplied by Western Newspaper Union. While they are no longer in use, the term remains.

What is included in the boilerplate?

The text should stick to one POV and include all the right keywords. It should be brief, and despite needing regular updates to remain relevant, it should always sound like the phrases are part of the same story. It is usually written in the third person.

What are the pros and cons of boilerplates?

Boilerplates save time and money and are created to maintain brand consistency and avoid mistakes. They ensure error-free documents and maintain a professional and consistent outlook of the brand. Their simple existence saves resources on creating documents or corporate descriptions that are recurrently needed.

They also come with a disadvantage: the lack of personalization. These texts are general and rigid, not created to suit every individual, environment, or occasion. 

What are boilerplate clauses?

These boiler clauses are standard and necessary components of all contracts addressing general conflict issues, amendments, and agreement termination. These are usually the most general terms and conditions and may include an explanation of the main terms and concepts used in the contract.

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