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💬 Definition of Bimonthly:

Bimonthly refers to a periodical produced twice a month or every two months. Yes, it has both meanings, and yes, the memes you may have accidentally stumbled across are correct.

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What does bi- mean?

Of Latin origin (bis), the prefix bi- means two, twice. The suffix -ly, like in bimonthly, biweekly, bi-annually, means every. It is used with the same meaning in all units of time: hourly, daily, and monthly. 

Are there any other similar terms causing confusion?

Yes, this can also happen with:

  • biweekly, which means every two weeks or twice a week;
  • biannually, which means twice a year and every two years.

What terms are more appropriate to avoid confusion?

One way to avoid misunderstandings regarding scheduling is to use semi-, also of Latin origin, which means twice in. This means semimonthly for twice a month, semiweekly for twice a week, and semiyearly for twice a year. Alternatively, you can use the British fortnight for a period of two weeks. It originates in Middle English fourtennight, from Old English fēowertēne niht—the span of fourteen nights (days). Last but not least, to ensure one understands the precise date the other is referring to, one should trust the context of the discussion, the date agreed upon, or the deadline date. It is easier if the date referred to by the term is connected to a set publishing date or a meeting with readers.

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