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OverDrive Partners with Storytel to Enrich Library and School Audiobook Collections

storytel distributes audiobooks to overdrive

OverDrive, the top distributor of digital books for libraries and schools, just announced a partnership with Storytel, a rapidly growing audiobook company. This exciting collaboration will bring a vast collection of audiobooks in over 20 languages to libraries and schools' shelves.

Storytel will distribute 25,000 audiobooks to OverDrive, including a range of titles meticulously produced by Storytel itself, ensuring an authentic listening experience through local narrators. 

This aligns perfectly with OverDrive's mission of expanding access to high-quality content and fostering engagement within communities.

Libraries and schools outside North America have seen double-digit growth in digital book circulation, with publishers experiencing a corresponding rise in sales. Ebooks remain the most popular format, with self-help, house & home, and business & finance leading the way for adult audiences. Fiction continues to be dominated by fantasy, thrillers, and romance, with a surge in gothic fiction. Teens are drawn to magical realism and action-adventure, while younger readers devour stories based on legends, myths, and fables, along with books that explore social themes.

This partnership between OverDrive and Storytel signifies a significant step forward in making diverse and engaging audiobooks more accessible to library patrons and students worldwide. With the ever-growing popularity of digital books, this collaboration will fuel continued growth within the library and school communities.

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