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How to Get Noticed as a Writer—Before and After Getting Published

how to get noticed as a writer

With millions of books published each year, including approximately 3 million self-published works, standing out as a new author can seem challenging. 

Understanding how to get your writing out there is the first step in a unique journey from manuscript to recognition for every new author. 

Learn how to get noticed as a writer. Beyond the goal of having your voice heard and stories read, authors depend on their book discoverability to keep revenue streams. 

Let’s go through a few tactics.

Key Takeaways

  • Start a blog, submit your work to literary magazines, engage on social media, and join writer groups as practical strategies to get noticed before getting published.
  • Publish wide with platforms like PublishDrive to expand your reach across global markets, directly increasing the chances of getting noticed by a diverse audience.
  • Post publication, build a personal brand and a professional website, gather reviews through an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) team to enhance visibility.

A. Before Getting Published

Grasp the fundamental aspects of writing and publishing before getting published. This knowledge can guide you through the complexities of how to get your writing published, ensuring you make informed decisions every step of the way.

How do new authors get noticed? Here are some tips.

1. Start a blog

Starting a blog is an excellent strategy to get noticed online. A blog allows you to publish your work and receive immediate feedback and helps build a dedicated readership over time.

  • You can write about industry topics, post short stories, and share your thoughts on anything you find engaging and exciting connected to your author story or journey. Readers usually connect with this type of content.
  • You can review other books on your blog. This helps showcase your writing skills and connect with authors in your niche.
  • You can tell your blog followers about upcoming books. You can also create lead magnets and gather email addresses, which you can use to send relevant emails about new books or events to your audience.

2. Submit your works to literary magazines

Submitting your titles to literary magazines is how you get your writing noticed and grow professionally at the same time by integrating feedback from editors.

One example of such a magazine is Lucent Dreaming, founded and run by Jannat Ahmed. Her independent magazine is published twice a year. Its primary goal is to help newbie writers. Thanks to this project, many talented people have discovered ways to get recognized as writers.

Publishing in literary journals can significantly boost your visibility among an engaged and relevant audience. It's not just about getting your name out there; it's about connecting with readers who are interested in your genre and style.

Here are some other benefits:

  • Each submission process is a learning opportunity. You'll get a feel for the publishing world.
  • Interaction with editors is invaluable. They can offer insights into your writing that you might have missed and suggest improvements. View any feedback as a chance to refine your craft.
  • Literary magazines cover various topics and genres—research to find those that align with your writing style and subject matter. There's a home for every story.
  • A chance to advertise yourself as an author and your work to a large and interested audience.

Remember, submission guidelines are there for a reason. Check if you meet the specific requirements of the journal you're targeting.

Practical steps to take:

  • Make a list of potential journals for your work.
  • Create a calendar of submission deadlines to keep track of multiple submissions.
  • Draft personalized cover letters for each submission, if required.
  • Remember the feedback you received for future reference and improvement.

3. Promote yourself on social media

Authors use social media to share excerpts of their work, engage in literary conversations, and grow a following.

No need to worry about how to get your writing noticed. All you need to do is post content that resonates with your target audience. This includes tweets, Instagram posts with quotes from your book, or Facebook updates about your writing journey.

Interact with other writers, readers, and literary figures to boost your online presence. Engage in writing challenges, use trending hashtags, and provide insights into your writing experience.

Active participation in the online literary community allows your work to gain recognition and appreciation, setting the foundation for success before your first publication.

Here is how to get your writing noticed on social media (in a nutshell):

  • Be consistent. Try to post regularly so that you stay in front of your followers all the time.
  • Be visually consistent. Help people recognize your posts while scrolling. If you use the same colors and style every time you create an Instagram post, people will associate them with you.
  • Use hashtags so that people can reach you faster.
  • Don't get carried away with self-promotion. Besides advertising your book, most of your posts should be content your followers can use and learn from.
  • Promote your existing posts so your ads (sponsored posts) would look native.
  • Create a Facebook Author Page, an excellent tool for authors without a website. Use it to communicate with your audience, share literary news, announce book releases, engage with polls, and solicit feedback. It also allows readers to leave reviews directly on your page.

💡More about how authors can use social media to promote their books here.

4. Join groups [of like-minded people]

Joining writer groups and literary communities can provide support and exposure for those figuring out how to get discovered as a writer. Networking within these groups can offer valuable insights, feedback, and opportunities to share your work.

You can join writers' Facebook groups, book launches, or weekly book club lectures. Attending these events will connect you to the literary community.

5. Enter literary competitions

Participating in various literary competitions is another way to answer the question of how to get published.

At these events, you’ll meet well-known authors, publishing industry representatives, and potential buyers. There's a chance someone will notice your talent and offer you a contract.

You may receive some criticism and feedback that can be useful for your further progress as an author.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities to gain invaluable experience, hone your writing skills, and expand your network of contacts.

7. Choose between traditional publishing and self-publishing

If you want to publish a book the traditional way, you have to send it to a publisher. The alternative route is to self-publish.

If self-publishing is for you, take care of the following things before publishing your book:

  • Edit your book to perfection; if necessary, you can seek help from a competent editor.
  • The cover is the face of your book. Make it as eye-catching as possible.
  • Take the time to format the text to make it readable and comfortable to the eyes.

Here is how to self-publish with PublishDrive:

Once you have created your account, go to My Books located in the Dashboard, and choose to upload a new title – ebook, audiobook, or print.

  • Upload your book’s files.
  • Fill out the creators' names.
  • Fill out the book’s metadata and add a relevant description. There are tips for writing a back cover description that attracts readers.
  • Set the book’s price.
  • Define your rights and set a publication date. In this step, you can also set pre-orders.
  • Select the stores. Click Enable on each store you want to distribute your book to.
  • Click on the Publish button.

Here's PublishDrive in a nutshell:

Why PublishDrive?

PublishDrive is among the top book aggregators you could choose for your book distribution, whether you’re an author or a publisher looking for international audiences. It simplifies publishing, distribution, and book promotion, offering a one-stop resource hub.

PublishDrive works based on a flat fee subscription model, allowing authors and publishers full control over their revenue. 

With a wide array of stores, collaborations, tools, and features, you access an all-encompassing book network designed to grow your business and open new markets, reaching hard-to-get audiences.

Besides the seamless process of publishing PublishDrive offers, you’ll benefit from:

  • Multi-format distribution
  • Book distribution to 20+ channels, 400+ stores, and thousands of digital libraries worldwide
  • Built-in marketing and promotional tools to help with your books’ visibility
  • In-store featuring: with PublishDrive’s featuring option, you can submit your books for a chance to be featured in Written Word Media's websites, and other top retailers, like Apple Books and more
  • Services like royalty splitting
  • POD cover template generator

Effective marketing strategies become the linchpin for success once your book is published.

Why publish wide?

PublishDrive allows authors to publish their works and enhance their visibility across multiple markets.

For those looking into how to get discovered as a writerPublishDrive offers distribution channels that go beyond the conventional routes. Authors gain access to a global audience, making it easier to get their books noticed in various regions and on numerous platforms, from major ebook retailers to libraries and subscription services.

Key benefits include:

  • Tools and features designed specifically to market a book efficiently, including promotional campaigns and strategic visibility on platforms.
  • Insightful data analytics that offers guidance on how to get your writing noticed by understanding reader demographics and sales trends.
  • Access to a community of authors and experts, providing support and shared knowledge on enhancing book visibility.

B. Once Your Book Is Published

How to market your book involves more than just social media posts; it requires a comprehensive approach that engages potential readers, sparks interest, and drives sales. 

1. Build your own brand

An author's brand is everything that represents you, from your tone and style of writing to your author's website and everything you post online.

Building your brand is an ongoing process, bringing out what makes your work unique. 

Set a few important aspects related to your author's brand, such as:

  • website colors;
  • website fonts;
  • social media accounts;
  • professional headshots and other photos;
  • topics to post about on your website and social media.

2. Create a professional website

An author website serves as a cornerstone in the digital landscape for writers seeking to establish their presence and professionalism. 

This dedicated space offers a strategic platform for how to market a book, providing a direct line to current and potential readers. 

A well-designed website showcases the author's published works and their brand, personality, and connection to the audience. It answers the question of how to get my book noticed by serving as a central hub for book releases, author updates, and engaging content that enhances visibility. 

Furthermore, an author website is instrumental in how to get noticed as a writer, offering a professional image that appeals to readers, publishers, and media alike. 

Authors can build a loyal community and drive interest in their work through blog posts, newsletters, and direct interactions.

Your website should contain the following data:

  • An About the Author section with contact information,
  • Your biography with photos of your books;
  • A section with news, upcoming book releases, competitions, etc.;
  • Links to all Internet resources and addresses of stores where people can buy your books;
  • Social network icons with links that take people to your social media accounts.

3. Gather reviews

Building an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) team is a significant strategy in how to promote a book effectively. 

This group of early readers, typically composed of fans, bloggers, and reviewers, plays a crucial role in generating buzz and securing reviews before the book's official release. By carefully selecting members who are genuinely interested in your genre and work, you can ensure that your book receives honest and enthusiastic feedback, which is essential for attracting potential readers. 

Additionally, ARCs provide a valuable opportunity for authors to engage with their audience, gather insights, and make any necessary adjustments. This direct engagement not only helps in fine-tuning the final product but also strengthens your relationship with your most dedicated supporters, laying a strong foundation for your book's success and visibility in a competitive market.

Market Your Book With PublishDrive

The journey through publishing can seem overwhelming for those aiming to make an impact and reach their audience. PublishDrive provides a platform for global distribution of your work and delivers solutions on how to promote a book in today’s competitive market. 

The question of how to get discovered as a writer finds an answer with PublishDrive for both established authors and newcomers.

1. Featuring

PublishDrive offers authors the opportunity to promote their books for free using the Featuring tab, a platform where PublishDrive's merchandiser, Fruzsina Sugar, collaborates with retailers to recommend titles for special features and in-house promotions. 

Authors have the chance to nominate their books directly through the Featuring tab. Opportunities for promotion extend across various platforms, including Written Word Media websites & newsletters, Dreame, Apple Books, Bibliotheca, Hoople, and 24symbols,

2. Price promotion

Look under the Advanced Promotions header on the Promotions tab. This promotion feature allows you to schedule any price promotion with Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play Books. Set your own price drops to run a sale. 

3. Drive Book Sales 

This is the paid option to advertise your book with Written Word Media. In the Featuring section, you get to promote your book with them for free, although not guaranteed it will get picked for featuring. With the Drive Book Sales tab, you can book an ad at FreeBooksyBargain Booksy, or other list-based email advertisements through our partnership with Written Word Media. 

If you have chosen the paid service from the platform’s Drive Book Sales, sit back and watch your sales grow.

4. Sales Events

Sales Events feature inside the PublishDrive platform assists in book marketing promotions with many of our vendors.

Sales Events will allow you to see the various in-house promotions available from out distribution stores.

5. Amazon Ads

Run AI-enabled Amazon ads if you publish to Amazon through PublishDrive.

6. Social media

Send us a note about your new releases and sales through this section on the Promotions tab. We pick titles to feature on our social media channels as time and space allow.


1. Where can I post my writing?

You can post your writing on various platforms depending on your goals.

  • For exposure and feedback, consider literary magazines or online communities like Medium or Wattpad, where you can engage with other writers and readers.
  • For direct engagement with your audience, starting a blog or creating a professional website showcases your writing and builds your brand.
  • Social media platforms provide a space to share snippets of your work, connect with followers, and promote your latest projects.

2. Where can I share my writing online?

To share your writing online, consider platforms tailored to writers and readers seeking new stories and ideas.

Websites like Scribophile or WritersCafe offer a space for constructive peer reviews and networking with fellow writers.

For serialized fiction or fanfiction, platforms such as Archive of Our Own or Royal Road welcome a wide variety of genres and provide an enthusiastic reader base.

If short stories or essays are your thing, sites like Submittable can connect you with publishers and contests.

3. Where can I publish my writing?

You have several options for publishing your writing.

  • For traditional publishing, research publishers or literary agents who specialize in your genre.
  • Self-publishing platforms allow for direct control over your publishing process and royalties.
  • If you're interested in wide distribution, aggregators like PublishDrive can distribute your book to hundreds of retailers and libraries globally.
  • For academic or niche writings, consider submitting to journals or websites specific to your field.

4. How do new authors get noticed?

Build a strong online presence through social media, author websites, and writing blogs to attract and retain a reader base.

Network with other writers and industry professionals, both online and in person, to unlock opportunities and increase your visibility.

Submit short stories or excerpts to literary magazines and participate in writing contests to draw attention to your work.

Closer to publishing, engage with readers through email newsletters, offering ARC copies for reviews.

Additionally, understanding and utilizing SEO for authors can help your name and work appear more frequently in search results.

5. How to get my book noticed?

Start by optimizing your book's metadata with relevant keywords to improve its discoverability online.

Engage in social media marketing to build anticipation and connect with potential readers. Consider creating a compelling book trailer and sharing it across social media platforms and your website.

Network with bloggers and influencers for reviews to significantly increase your book’s visibility.

Participate in book fairs, readings, and other literary events to showcase your work.

Get Noticed!

In the quest to understand how to get noticed as a writer or how new authors get noticed, PublishDrive is a valuable ally for writers at every stage of their journey.

With its array of marketing tools and distribution channels, PublishDrive not only answers these questions but also equips authors with the means to achieve visibility and success.

Start today and discover the full potential of your work.

Here's an overview on how to market your book using PublishDrives's promotional tools:

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