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PublishDrive’s AI helps you find categories for your book

Metadata is very important. We know this. The title, cover image, subtitle and description are crucial because they help your potential readers decide if they want to buy your book or not. But before, you need to ensure that your material can actually meet your possible readers. Your books can be the new Harry Potter, but ultimately be nothing if it doesn’t get in front of an audience – the right audience.

Categories before everything

The most important way to reach your audience is by providing relevant and specific categories for your book. It’s not the easiest thing to do as these formats and structures (at PublishDrive we use BISAC) are relatively complicated to understand for the first sight (nor the second).

Robots know better

This is where PublishDrive’s new development comes to light: we created a robot using the latest artificial intelligence technologies to help you to find the right categories for your books. The robot also has a name: Savant

Savant’s only job is to read your book and suggest categories. We’re very excited for you to meet him!

Where can you find this feature?

The new AI works automatically when you upload a book. After the content file is uploaded successfully, Savant reads it immediately and tries to relate it to one or more BISAC category. When it succeeds, the newly matched categories are then displayed at the categories section of the book upload page.


Remember, these are only suggestions. You get to decide if you want to use any of them.

To accept Savant’s suggestion click on the accept

button and if you disagree click delete

When does it work?

Every time you upload an epub, Savant will source for categories, but there are a few situations when the AI won’t be able to provide any results:

  • If the language of the book is other than English
  • If Savant is not sure enough to share a suggestion
  • If you provided three categories before

In these situations, you won’t see any suggestions and the Categories section will remain empty for you to provide your own.

How we made Savant, the AI

Savant was created in the same way most AI applications are made nowadays. PublishDrive’s AI has been trained on thousands of books. Based on the knowledge extracted from these books, it can attempt to give categories for your book.

Constant learning

Savant is constantly growing. Every interaction with you or any of PublishDrive’s users allows our buddy to get smarter and smarter. Try it out on your books – we’re excited about the feedback!

Want to read more on this topic? Check out our interview with the developer.

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