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Brave New Bookshelf Episode 10 – Exploring AI Metadata Tools in Publishing with Robert Csizmar from PublishDrive

In this episode, we have a special guest, Robert Csizmar, also known as Joker, who is the CTO and co-founder of PublishDrive. He shares PublishDrive’s new AI metadata generator.

Who Is Joker?

Robert Csizmar, or Joker, is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at PublishDrive. With a background in databases and AI, he has worked in various sectors and significantly impacted the publishing world. Fun fact: Joker has a secret passion for writing books!

The AI Metadata Tool

PublishDrive's AI book metadata generator helps authors and publishers create high-quality metadata—titles, subtitles, descriptions, and keywords—that are crucial for a book’s visibility and sales.

Why Metadata Matters

Good metadata is essential for marketing and discoverability. The AI tool saves authors time by generating high-quality metadata recommendations based on the book’s content.

How It Works

The tool analyzes the book’s content to suggest optimized titles, subtitles, series names, keywords, and blurbs. It uses a database of high-performing keywords and market trends to ensure relevance.

Security and Privacy

PublishDrive ensures that the content uploaded to the tool remains private and is not used to train any models.

Real-Time Data and Practical Uses

The tool connects with Amazon to fetch real-time data on trending keywords and categories. Authors can experiment with different pen names and optimize their metadata.

Explore the Tool

AI is making a significant impact in publishing, simplifying tasks and improving metadata quality. Explore PublishDrive’s AI metadata tool and enhance your publishing journey.

For more details & tips on how to use this tool, listen to today’s episode.

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