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How to Get Amazon Book Reviews

how to get amazon book reviews

How to get Amazon book reviews and boost your chances of convincing people to buy your book? Let’s go over all the tactics to know.

Main takeaway: Collecting book reviews should be your top priority. Reviews provide social proof, letting others know your content is legit. From professional reviewers to your very own network, there are various sources to reach out to throughout your publishing journey.

Are Book Reviews on Amazon Necessary?

Yes. You want to land at least a handful of positive reviews, especially before running any serious marketing efforts. That’s because people won’t buy when there are zero reviews – an e-commerce rule of thumb.

Let’s say you spend your budget on Amazon ads and drive thousands of people to your book page. With no reviews, you will lose out on this valuable traffic plus the funds you’ve invested. But with solid reviews, you maximize your chances of converting visits into sales.

Book reviews are important:

  • Amazon book reviews give you credibility as an author (even the negative ones). They show that people read through your content. Moreso, positive ratings and feedback help your book stand out in a sea of competition.
  • Amazon’s store algorithms incorporate reviews. Working with the algorithms helps you rank higher in search results. This work involves using strong book metadata such as categories, keywords, and reviews.

Ultimately, good reviews drive sales. I’m sure you’ve experienced getting that final push to purchase an item after reading a convincing review. Many of us tend to first look at reviews when learning about a product. We know they’re important.

Collecting Amazon book reviews should be a prerequisite to your marketing strategy and an ongoing effort in your publishing career. So, how to collect those reviews –

How to Get Amazon Book Reviews

Treat this activity as a part of your book marketing plan. With your overall strategy and publishing schedule fleshed out, you’ll find different opportunities to implement these review tactics throughout your gig.

Note: Amazon has a strict review policy. They remove any reviews that are deemed misleading to customers. Don’t exchange positive reviews with other authors. And avoid directly paying for positive reviews, including giving reviewers discounted deals or other incentives.

1. Try for editorial reviews

Let’s start with one of the strongest reviews you can get. Editorial reviews are given by an editor or expert in a book’s specific genre or field. These reviews may come from Amazon editors, established publications like Publishers Weekly, or official book endorsements.

Here’s what they look like on Amazon:

how to get book review on amazon

If your content falls under a certain field, a colleague well-known in this field can write you an editorial review. You can also use paid services like Kirkus Reviews to connect with professional reviewers across genres.

Amazon doesn’t allow directly paying reviewers for reviews. However, you can use paid services like Kirkus Reviews as an ethical way to get your title in front of reviewers. (A positive review is not guaranteed, so do ensure high-quality content from the get-go.)

2. Use paid platforms

If this is your first time self-publishing a book, using paid platforms can be a great start to landing your initial batch of reviews. With a couple of established reviews, generating organic ones will get easier. Furthermore, professional reviews identify what’s noteworthy about your book, helping readers with more insights.

Beyond the editorial services mentioned above, there are other services for paid book reviews on Amazon. You can google around. Just make sure they’re established and fit under Amazon’s policy.

Here’s a list of platforms to consider:

  • Midwest Book Review
  • City Book Review
  • US Review of Books
  • Self-Publishing Review
  • Independent Review of Books
  • Reedsy Discovery
  • Bookroar
  • Booksirens
  • Librarything Early Reviewers (free!)

3. Ask your network

How to get Amazon book reviews without spending any money? The most viable route is to ask your network, including your colleagues, friends, and family. Draft an email letter with an attachment to your manuscript.

Here’s a fantastic email example:

how to get amazon book reviews email

I must mention that Amazon’s review policy has a “family and friends” rule which can remove your review if they deem the digital relationship too close (or if the reviewer’s account is newly created). If this happens, no worries. Use the review for your website or other marketing collaterals so it doesn’t go to waste.

Some authors like to build an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) team with their network and other beta readers. An ARC is an unpublished manuscript which you can send to readers. This is an organized way to collect reviews, generate buzz, and boost visibility before your book launch. Learn more about how to build an ARC team.

4. Reach out to top reviewers, bloggers, and influencers

Take an hour or two to build a list of top reviewers, bloggers, and even influencers related to your title’s genre. Landing a review from a recognized account can increase your social proof and attract new attention from the reviewer’s audience.

On Amazon, look through titles similar to yours and note any accounts consistently giving reviews in your genre. These are the authoritative accounts you want to reach out to. Note down any information like their email addresses or social channels. Take extra care when drafting your email or direct message. Share a bit about yourself and previous works if available. Add references to similar books the reviewer has reviewed. And don’t forget to follow up.

Use the same approach above, but with book bloggers, podcasts, YouTube channels, plus TikTok’s BookTok accounts.

Check out these resources:

5. Include your ask at every opportunity

How to get book reviews on Amazon that follow a smart strategy? Collect Amazon book reviews at every stage of your publishing process. Here are some ideas:

  • Before launch: Make your list of reviewers to reach out to. Get started on building an email list or social following as well. Set up and send out your ARCs, even if you start with a couple of close contacts. Use early reviews to promote your pre-order period.
  • During launch: Throw a launch event where you give out free or discounted copies of your book and ask attendees for their reviews. Attend any book events and network face-to-face. Get active in online book communities.
  • After launch: Schedule periodic campaigns that remind readers to leave a review. Essentially, you want to stay active with your marketing efforts, so you and your book stay visible across social channels and store algorithms.

Include your request for reviews across communication channels:

  • Add a simple line or two about leaving a review in your social media bios.
  • Don’t forget your Amazon store link.
  • Add your request and store link to your email signature or newsletter template.
  • Add your request at the end of your book.
  • Add your request to your author business card and hand them out during networking events.

All in all, don’t be shy and get as creative as you’d like. 

Now You Know How to Get Amazon Book Reviews

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