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When we first started PublishDrive, we made it our mission to make the publishing process easier than how it was traditionally done. Since then we have helped indies publish over 100,000 ebooks, releasing features and tools to help authors and publishers sell more books. Some of these include smart tools for book promotions or administrative tasks, saving hours of time for our indies.  

This year, we finally did something that not only our team but the indie community has been wanting: we’ve expanded PublishDrive’s borders, including not just ebook, but now print-on-demand and audio formats!

This makes PublishDrive the only distribution platform supporting three very lucrative book formats: ebook, print, and audio. These days, readers want different formats for different reading occasions more than ever.

We listened to our people

To explain how we’ve reached this awesome milestone, I got to share a bit more about the journey: all of our developmental ideas come from our users and the indie community. On a regular basis, I’ll invite authors and publishers for a chat to better understand their needs. I’m grateful for every feedback and time are given by these individuals; it’s how we figure out what’s next for PublishDrive.

Based on customer feedback, there were two things on our radar: print-on-demand and audiobook distribution. The team knew this would be a complex thing to crack, but we got to work. As soon as we started researching the market, we recognized these options would be highly valuable for our users’ success.

Earn more with print & audio

Print-on-demand services are estimated to be $150 billion dollars by 2022 (Gen Z loves print). Today’s printing technologies make print-on-demand a viable and sustainable publishing strategy by eliminating the hassle, high cost of advanced printing, and need for catalog storage.

With over 160 million potential readers, access PublishDrive’s network with 30K physical stores and thousands of digital libraries online in the US, Europe and also, in China.

And audio? Well, it’s the fastest-growing format in online publishing, growing by 25% to $3.5 billion by the end of 2020. Indies earn even more royalties with audiobooks than any other format.

Now our users can reach 50 million potential listeners with PublishDrive by reaching out to stores like Google Play Books or Kobo, subscription services like Scribd or Storytel, music service providers like Deezer, and digital library providers like OverDrive. That’s up to 70% of the list price to take home for authors or in the case of Google Play Books, 50% of the list price indies can earn without any commission deducted by PublishDrive.

So why publish print and audio with PublishDrive? We help publishers save time, increase royalty payouts, and get smarter about their business.

PublishDrive’s reach includes not only Northern American and European markets but listeners in China. Authors and publishers get the same royalty rates as selling directly to stores while getting streamlined support in managing dozens of channels. And in one dashboard, users can manage all publishing matters like sales analytics and book promotions.

How does print and audio publishing work with PublishDrive?

For those familiar with how PublishDrive ebook publishing, the user-friendly interface is exactly the same for print and audio. For those completely new to the process, sign up to, select a package based on the number of ebook, print or audio titles, and get straight to publishing. Take-home royalties are the same as going directly with stores.

Publishing a has never been easier (really!) Publishers can simply upload an ebook, print, or audiobook format (or multiple/bulk content files), select desired stores to distribute to, and publish with a click of a button!

After publishing, publishers can follow store links, check reviews from Goodreads and Amazon, and track real-time sales from their PublishDrive dashboard. We got a whole bunch of editorial and featuring opportunities for all three formats which our indies can access from PublishDrive.

Widest distribution network

By listening to our indies, we’ve included Chinese retailers, streamlined the publishing process with Google Play Books, and added thousands of digital libraries like Hoopla and subscription services like Dreame to the family.

This kind of wide distribution increases our indies’ take-home royalties by at least 27% compared to selling directly to retailers, saving at least 16% on content distribution versus other aggregator companies.

I’ll close by reiterating my excitement for how far PublishDrive has come. I’m excited for the platform to be home for so many book formats, reflecting the best trends from readers around the globe.

Distributing ebook, print-on-demand and audiobook formats under one roof saves time for book management. But ultimately, it’s a golden way to maximize take-home earnings by tapping into more channels and collecting the same royalty rates as going directly to stores.

We’re not slowing down any time soon! We’re committed to building tools and solutions for the indie community, but for now, celebrate with me by checking out more info on distributing ebook, print, and audio with us. Cheers!

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