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20 Talented Authors to Follow on Twitter to See How They Engage with Their Followers

authors to follow on twitter

Many of you have probably heard about the author's pages on Facebook. Yet, Twitter is also quite popular among both experienced writers and those early in their careers. 

Authors create Twitter profiles to keep in touch with their fans and readers and to build a community. With the help of their social media accounts, many are gaining even more popularity.

As an author who wishes to create a Twitter profile to build a strong fanbase or to tap into a few book promotion services, you can benefit immensely from following such Twitter pages. 

You'll find compelling facts about writing, the publishing industry, the peculiarities of an author's life, and a lot of helpful information. And possibly even some sources of inspiration.

Today we'd like to share with you a list of 20 creators to follow on Twitter. And to make it easier for you to browse the list, we sorted them by name in alphabetical order. 

1. Anne Rice

anne rice author on twitter

The series Mayfair Witches and the famous Vampire Chronicles brought Anne Rice worldwide fame. 

Her son handles her writer's Twitter page, and it's remarkable because he posts messages that are most relevant and in demand by her fans. You’ll also find tweets about their life and family, which brought her closer to her followers.

This account has 200,000 followers. An impressive number that shows that the account is worthy of your attention.

2. Becky Cooper

becky cooper author on twitter

Becky Cooper's gripping non-fiction book, We Keep the Dead Close, is about finding the killer of a Harvard graduate student. 

Another influential book by the American author was Mapping Manhattan, published in 2013. 

Now the writer actively maintains her Twitter page, posting information about her books and retweeting interesting posts from other users. 

She’s definitely among the worthy authors to follow on Twitter because you can see how she engages with her readers.

3. Brad Meltzer

brad meltzer author on twitter

If you're into non-fiction, thrillers, and political conspiracies, then the name Brad Meltzer should be familiar to you. 

The famous American author of many bestselling books is best known for writing crime books.

What can you find on his page?

Brad Meltzer tweets almost every day on a variety of topics. It can be short messages related to his books, current news, promotional offers, quotes, etc. 

The content is quite diverse, which allows each of his followers to find something exciting for themselves.

4. Chuck Palahniuk

chuck palahniuk author on twitter

The author of the world bestseller Fight Club is known to almost everyone. On his Twitter page, the writer regularly shares the events from his life, writing, and branded goods with his followers. 

Chuck Palahniuk provides helpful writing tips and possible solutions to common writing problems. He also tweets about literature and his book tours. This is a great promotion idea to boost book sales.

So, he’s definitely an author on Twitter to be followed because this account could be a godsend if you are new to writing. 

5. Gary Thomas

gary thomas author on twitter

The popular American writer became famous in the genre of Christian literature. Gary L. Thomas is originally known as an evangelical minister, and now he often speaks at various events. 

The author shares quotes on his page and actively communicates with his fans.

6. Harlan Coben

harlan coben author on twitter

If you are seriously interested in thrillers and want to follow authors on Twitter to get inspired, you should definitely follow Harlan Coben

He posts about his books but also about other authors' works, which helps you discover new writers. 

Moreover, Harlan Coben talks about the most notable events from his life and from the literary world. Totally worthy of your attention.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, Coben is the author of the book Stay Close, which was adapted into a British mystery drama miniseries with the same name.

7. James Patterson

james patterson author on twitter

Is there any need to introduce James Patterson to you? I guess not, as you most probably already know him.

The novel Women's Homicide Investigation Club and the crime, mystery, and thriller novel series Alex Cross brought fame to the American writer James B. Patterson.

The author does not tweet that often, but when he does, his tweets are all unique. He shares book reviews, informs about his book sales, and simply talks about his hobbies and pastime.

The tweets attract a lot of attention; they are often commented on and retweeted. We can safely say that Patterson managed to create a considerable fanbase, as his page is trending and already has 140k followers.

So, if you wish to create a list of authors to follow on Twitter, be sure to include him.

8. Jodi Picoult

jodi picoult author on twitter

For many, "Wonder Woman" is associated with the name of the American writer Jodi Picoult

She has published over 25 novels, most of them in the fantasy genre. Her books touch on various issues, from moral problems to racial and religious differences. 

She has won the Fiction Prize, and her books are published worldwide and translated into over 30 languages.

You know, 186K followers on the Twitter page is pretty impressive. And this is not surprising because her page is engaging! You can find inspirational tweets, helpful retweets from other platform users, and the writer's thoughts.

9. Julie Isaac

She became famous for her books dealing with writing procrastination, shyness, perfectionism, and lack of inspiration. 

But since the early 2000s, Julie Isaac has also been helping writers get comfortable in the writing world, providing support and guidance.

Now she is active as a book coach.

Her page's primary focus is communicating with her audience, providing followers with valuable information, and trying to cheer up readers in various ways. 

If you’re looking for support, positive vibes, and exciting facts you may not have known, be sure to follow her account to plunge into this atmosphere.

10. Lori Ruff

Lori Ruff author on twitter

Lori Ruff became the clearest example of how you can become famous through LinkedIn. "Prima Donna LinkedIn"—that's what she has been called in the literary world for many years. 

She also became well-known as a speaker and consultant in entrepreneurship. 

And she makes sure people know her story by starting to retweet again.

Lori helps people get comfortable on this platform, where the most advanced entrepreneurs and company owners are. Her training sessions with Joe Frankie guide newcomers to online strategy, service delivery, and effective promotion. 

Undoubtedly, in these modern times, an online image is needed like air. And without it, it is tough to count on success.

And although she rarely tweets, there is something to see there. Surely you can learn something for yourself here, which can help you in everyday life and build your writer's career.

11. Margaret E. Atwood

margaret atwood author on twitter

Margaret Atwood should absolutely be one of the authors you follow on Twitter.

The Canadian writer was awarded her first significant prize in 1987 for the well-known The Handmaid's Tale

She also has two Booker Prizes and became a finalist for this award four times. And this is not the whole list. Although she began her writing career in the 80s, she still writes and remains one of the most famous writers of our time.

Margaret's Twitter page has 2 million followers. And this is not surprising because her entire feed consists of fascinating and engaging posts on different topics. 

But most importantly, they are filled with usefulness, energy, and inspiration. Indeed, a page to be followed.

12. Maureen Johnson

maureen johnson author on twitter

This is an American author of youth literature whose works have become bestsellers. Her novels attract with their uniqueness, gripping plot, and intertwined stories. If you have read her books, you will surely agree that her books are truly outstanding.

Maureen Johnson is a prime example of how often and actively you can tweet. She writes about literally everything: how her day went and what she wants to know from her followers. She also shares entertaining content and tweets thrilling information.

She’s an author to follow on Twitter if you need an excellent example of how writers engage with their readers.

13. Meg Cabot

meg cabot author on twitter

Author of children's fiction from the United States, who became famous primarily for her talent in creating literature for young adults.

Meg Cabot is the author of The Princess Diaries, which was later adapted by Walt Disney Pictures into two feature films.

Meg actively tweets about her books, sales, and releases on her Twitter profile. So, you can take her account as an example if you wish to use Twitter as a platform to promote your novels.

14. Misha Carver

misha carver author on twitter

Fans of the paranormal could come across Misha Carver's novels as she specializes in writing books in this genre. 

Quotes, events from the writer's life, motivational speeches, and information about her books—this is what you will find on Misha's page. Also, she often asks questions to her readers to communicate and engage with them.

15. Neil Gaiman

neil gaiman author on twitter

Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and even comedy—Neil Gaiman specializes in them all. And he does it very successfully, as his high sales and many awards tell us. 

He has almost 3 million followers on his Twitter page. The author maintains his account successfully, almost like writing his books. 

If you go to his page, you will find retweets of posts by popular platform users, coverage of world-class events, and feedback from your fans. 

If you’re a fan of The Sandman, be sure to include Neil Gaiman on your authors to follow on Twitter list.

16. Paulo Coelho

paolo coelho author on twitter

Even such a renowned poet and prose writer as Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist, which instantly found its place in numerous editions worldwide, has his own Twitter page to keep his readers up to date with his activities.

Unfortunately for his fans, he does not very often. Still, he’s an exceptional author to follow on Twitter.

The key direction of his tweets is to publish information related to his work and quotes. So, if you wish to catch a glimpse of the way he engages with his readers and followers (almost 15.5 million), you should definitely head out to his page.

17. Rick Riordan

rick riordan author on twitter

Have you heard of the Percy Jackson series? The authorship of these works belongs to Rick Riordan, who is deservedly considered the New York Times bestselling author. 

Now, more than 20 novels from his pen continue to fly off the shelves of bookstores.

What awaits you on his Twitter page? First of all, up-to-date information about the sales of his books. 

He also periodically retweets posts from fans who comment on his novels and tweets mentioning his nickname. A classic example of an author's page that aims to promote the writer's novels. 

Thus, we recommend checking it out.

18. Rob Bell

rob bell author on twitter

Formerly an eminent pastor, Robert Bell is now a well-known speaker and writer. 

He became famous thanks to his work, Love Wins, which brought him readers' appreciation. 

According to Time magazine, Bell was included in the list of the most influential people in the world. And now, he is working on creating and promoting his podcast, The Robcast

There's even a film called Heretic that was dedicated to his life and work.

Besides the author's website, Rob also maintains his own Twitter page, where he shares links to publications and information related to his secondary work, which is the release of a book in audio format. 

Tweets, although not frequent, provide up-to-date info about the author's life and work.

19. Sarah Dessen

sarah dessen author on twitter

We invite you to get acquainted with Sarah Dessen, a talented author to follow on Twitter. She also has dozens of novels and short stories actively read in all corners of the world.

On Twitter, Sarah briefly informs her fans about the new book's releases and their film adaptation. For example, her book Along for the Ride recently became a Netflix movie.

In her case, the platform serves as a link to connect with her readers. And if this option appeals to you, then be sure to follow it.

20. Scott Westerfeld

sarah dessen author on twitter

The cycles of works Leviathan, Rebellious, Sequence, and many other series of books in the genre of dystopia and science fiction glorified the American-Australian writer Scott Westerfeld

The author shares the links to his books, tweets quotes, and retweets compelling posts from other Twitter users on his profile. 

Clear, informative, and interesting. Check it out.


Wrapping Up

Sometimes it can be challenging to find the strength and motivation to develop a unique Twitter page. So feel free to use this list as a source of inspiration for creating your profile. 

And if you're just interested in literature and want to keep up to date with the latest developments, then you can follow authors on Twitter to have the best source of information about writers and their work. Also, you will surely be able to meet new authors and discover something exciting!

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