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23 Comic Book and Manga Fonts To Inspire Your Next Project

comic book and manga fonts

If you're here, you know that every successful comic book follows a formula:

  • Exciting plot to keep the readers entertained
  • Awesome graphics
  • Interesting characters
  • Eye-catching comic book or manga fonts

For this article, we take a closer look at comic book and manga fonts and their unique designs. 

If you're searching for a typeface for your next comic book or manga (or you just need a decorative font for a different project), I've put together a list of 20 of the most awesome free comic book fonts.

Finding your ideal option doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Note: Before using any of the following fonts, get familiar with the licensing terms. They may be free for personal, self-publishing, and commercial use, but some of them must be purchased. The ones to purchase usually comes with a Read me file that specifies the designer’s requests.

Let's get started.

The 23 Best Comic Fonts and Manga Fonts

1. Hey Comic

This one’s a cheerful and bold typeface, great for creating colorful children's books and comics. 

It's also a perfect choice for designing a cool logo, party invitation, flyer, or poster. 

Hey Comic has uppercase and lowercase fonts

This is the typeface to experiment with.

hey comic font

Download font 

2. Nikopol Typeface

Vintage style has fans all around the world, and comic book creators are no exception. 

If you want your comic book to have an eerie yet super catchy design, using the Nikopol font is an excellent choice.

Use this font to achieve a remarkable effect and create a luxurious storytelling atmosphere.

There are numbers, punctuation marks, and uppercase letters compatible with various languages. There are three style options: regular, halftone, and rough. 

nikopol comic book font

Download font 

3. Adam Warren Pro Font Family

The designers of this font gave users several design options. You can choose between regular, bold italic, and regular bold. 

A font with such well-designed comic letters is appealing due to its texture and style.

adam warren comic book font

Download font

4. Billy font

The Billy font boasts an attractive roundness to its letters. It can easily become the main feature of your design projects and comics of any content.

It adds color and authenticity, bringing an immersive experience for readers.

There are lowercase and uppercase letters, popular symbols, and numbers, allowing you to be as creative as you wish.

Feel free to use the font for personal purposes, and if you want to use it for commercial projects, don’t forget to purchase a license.

billy comic book font

Download font 

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5. Best Friends Comic Font

If you are fond of bold, display fonts and wish to create a comic book with attitude, you will like the Best Friends font. 

Use this font to bring pops of color to your posters and comics. It’s a creative one indeed.

best friends comic font

Download font 

6. Creative Block Comic Font

If you're on the hunt for a great comic book font, the Creative Block Comic Font is one to consider. It's bold and catchy, bringing comic book lettering and newspaper headlines to life.

It comes in regular and bold styles, and it’s available for indie comics and any non-commercial use.

However, it’s limited to European characters.

creative block comic font

Download font 

7. Badaboom Comic Font

This is the world-famous cartoon comic font often used for TV and print projects. You can download and use Badaboom for free if you need it for non-commercial purposes. 

It’s also an excellent free pop art font for indie comics.

badaboom comic book font

Download font 

8. Crime Fighter Font

This is a typical example of an authentic superhero font for comics that deal with crime fiction. This is a fantastic mood-setter for fans of this genre.  

The font has two weight variants: bold and standard. It comes with a complete set of characters, numbers, and letters with slight roundness and relaxed shapes. Use these to express unique dialogues for your characters.

crime fighter superhero font

Download font 

9. Woodchuck Font

This is a modern typeface perfect for the development of comics on any subject. 

Woodchuck sans-serif font supports most Latin languages, and it has lowercase and uppercase letters and glyphs. It is suitable for a range of graphic design works.

The font is free for personal and commercial purposes.

woodchuck comic font

Download font 

10. Komoda

If the goal is to highlight specific areas in a graphic, designers, and creators often use block font styles. Keep in mind that this style should not be used throughout the text, as it can be difficult to read and understand.

Komoda falls into this category, ideal for getting your readers to focus on a specific text. The font uses a significant height, which can be well complemented by a shorter regular, or subtle, bold font.

komoda font

Download font 

11. Gabo

Another excellent block font style perfect for titles and highlighting an idea is Gabo. 

Since it looks like a cinema font, you may also associate it with movie posters. The letters in the Gabo font have a slight slope, and the lowercase letters use smooth cuts and curves.

gabo comic book font

Download font 

12. Reality Check Font

This typeface comes with uppercase letters and their italic version. They work excellently both alone and together.

If you want to give your text a little pizzazz, you can use the non-standard version of the letter “s.”

This comic book font is perfect for titles and short text. 

reality check comic font

Download font 

13. Street Fighter Font

Street Fighter Font has its roots in the famous 90s game series with the same name. The font itself is pretty energetic and vibrant, with elements of quick strokes and sharp details. 

Thanks to these traits, the font is popular among web designers, computer game developers, logo creators, and comic creators.

street fighter comic book font

Download font

14. Horsemen font

Modern superhero fonts can transform any design, making it more creative and engaging. 

The Horsemen font combines horror and retro styles. This typeface includes a variety of symbols and brushstrokes, awesome for a dynamic comic.

horsemen comic font

Download font

15. Boldly Missy Font

This comic font looks like handwriting. It resembles a typical comic book dialogue typeface, suitable for longer text as it's easy to read and follow. You can use this font for manga books as well.

The best part of this manga font is that it is free for personal and commercial use.

boldly missy manga font

Download font 

16. The Simpsons Font

I think there's no need to say how popular the Simpsons sitcom truly is. Its font style seems to be just as popular.

This comic font can add style to your design for children's books, cartoons, and comics.

simpsons comic font

Download font 

17. Chubby Dotty Font

Children's book writers and creators of comics for young audiences strive to immerse the readers in their works. The Chubby Dotty font is suitable for this purpose. 

The letters here are attention-grabbing with their voluminous and extensive shapes.

This playful font with dots offers capital letters and mini versions of capital letters.

chubby dotty font

Download font

18. Komika Font Family

This typeface is in demand among creators and creative personalities for two reasons. 

First, these fonts are free, even for commercial projects. Second, you will find not one but 50 variants of fonts with punctuation marks, numbers, and letters.

As for style, Komika is decorative-vintage. The feature of this comic font is a realistic imitation of handwriting. It’s a popular choice when creating comics because of how easily it can grab attention.

komika font

Download font

19. Back Issues Comic Font

Here’s a modern print that echoes the street graffiti style, which will give even more color to your comic book.

There are bold, italic, and regular fonts to let you get creative with your characters' dialogue.

back issue comic font

Download font 


20. Manga Master Font

This font is a versatile option for all types of comics. It was initially designed to create a unique manga style that lacks the cliché of brush calligraphy. Manga Master has letters from almost all European languages, and the font has different variants: bold, bold italic, regular, and italic. There are also auto ligatures used to replace identical adjacent letters.

manga master font

Download font

21. Spinner Rack Pro

Spinner Rack Pro is the classic typeface you see in comic book dialogue boxes. It appeared in 2016 as an experimental sample. The goal was to make the letters as small as possible to convey text in dialogue boxes while still being legible.

This is also a perfect manga font you can use for your graphic novel. It will surely make it look amazing.

spinner rack manga font

Download font

22. American Kestrel Font

This one’s an awesome superhero font. American Kestrel has all English alphabet letters, numbers, and symbols. This typeface has 17 font family styles. Its main feature is a characteristic wing pattern on the left side.

american kestrel superhero font

Download font

23. Star Guard Font

The designers of this font focused on making the text catchy and readable. You can use Star Guard Font in different variants: italic, bold, regular, gradient, halftone, and more. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a superhero font for your comics that will make them stand out even more.

star guard font

Download font


Visual content is in high demand nowadays. Comic books and manga readers are looking for great designs and interesting characters.

Comic fonts can bring invaluable help in your creative process as a comic book writer, and they can turn any book into something special. They add personality and emotion to any design project.

With a modern variety of fonts, each book or design work can become unique. 

If you need help with publishing your book, keep in mind that PublishDrive is here to help you turn your idea into reality.

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