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PublishDrive’s Amazon Ebook Advertising Tool Is Better Than Ever

PublishDrive recently became the first self-publishing platform to offer a built-in Amazon ebook advertising tool, and authors have been loving it.

Now you have even more advertising options with these recent updates:

  • Advanced targeting options: Refine your advertising strategy with manual keyword targeting, negative keywords, and product targeting.
  • Artificial intelligence integration: The tool now integrates Savant, PublishDrive’s proprietary AI technology, which identifies the most relevant products to target.

Together, these updates will help refine your ad campaigns, reduce costs associated with irrelevant ad clicks, and improve overall campaign performance. Learn more about Amazon ads for authors and how to amplify your marketing efforts with our updated tool.

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Amazon Ebook Advertising 101

How Do Amazon Ads for Authors Work?

If you’re new to ebook advertising, you might be wondering: How do Amazon ads for authors work?

Amazon ads for authors are cost-per-click ads for ebook product listings. You’ve probably seen them in Amazon’s search results or on product pages when browsing for a new book. Since these ads are cost-per-click, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

The ultimate goal is for those clicks to turn into sales once the reader views your ebook product listing. This is why it’s so important to nail your cover design and have a book description that hooks readers.

When creating a new campaign, you can set the bid amount for your clicks (this usually ranges from $0.10 to $1.50). The bid amount is the highest you’ll pay when someone clicks on your ad. You’ll also set your daily marketing budget, which is the maximum daily cost of your campaign.

So how does targeting come into play?

Let’s say someone is browsing for a new sci-fi book, so they type, “scifi space opera” into Amazon’s search bar. Along with the search results, sponsored ebook listings (ads) will appear based on those search terms and related products.

amazon ebook advertising sponsored products

“Targeting” means identifying the audience who will potentially see your ads based on the products they browse or the keywords they search for.

Our Amazon advertising tool originally supported automatic targeting, which is the basic level of targeting. With this option, Amazon matches the ad with relevant keywords and products that are similar to the book being advertised. This is ideal for authors who are new to advertising, but it’s also used by more experienced authors who don’t mind a hands-off approach.

In addition to automatic targeting, our tool now supports the advanced options described below, giving authors greater control over their campaigns.

Advanced Targeting Options

Manual Keyword Targeting

With manual keywords, you get to handpick the keywords and phrases you want to target. This gives advanced users much more control and allows them to refine their campaign.

Amazon ebook advertising manual keyword targeting

Negative Keywords

Negative keyword targeting allows you to exclude certain keywords. This is a great way to reduce your overall marketing budget by preventing irrelevant traffic and unwanted ad clicks from driving up costs.

Amazon ebook advertising negative keywords

Product Targeting

Instead of targeting keywords, you can also target specific products, such as best-selling and/or competing books in your genre. For example, if there’s a great book out there that’s similar to yours in terms of style and content, you can target your competitor’s book in hopes of attracting their readers. Additional functions with this option include targeting specific categories, and excluding certain products with negative product targeting.

Amazon ebook advertising product targeting

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Authors can also amplify their advertising efforts with Savant, our artificial intelligence. This proprietary technology, which is available only on PublishDrive, will help you identify the most relevant products to target. With Savant’s help, you can refine your Amazon advertising strategy for optimal campaign performance.

(Note: Savant can only be used by authors whose books are fully uploaded and distributed to Amazon through PublishDrive).

Get Started with Amazon Ads for Authors!

With our recent updates, it’s never been a better time to try out Amazon ebook advertising. You can access the feature in PublishDrive’s built-in marketing suite.

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