9 Best Audiobook Services and Publishing Companies

best audiobook services and publishing companies

Audiobook is the fastest-growing online segment in publishing. With one in five people in the U.S. listening to audio, why wouldn’t you tap into this space? Especially when running your own gig, distribute in different book formats to reach a wider audience and make more sales.

Plus, the soaring demand for audiobooks and other formats is unprecedented. By the end of 2021, indies boosted book sales by 85% on self-publishing platform PublishDrive. The most successful authors and publishers sell not just prints and ebooks, but audiobooks as well.

With your completed manuscript, it’s rather simple to prepare an audiobook for publishing. When you have your audio and related files handy, it’s important to distribute them in the most promising stores. With so many channels out there, from subscription to library platforms, things can feel overwhelming.

To help, we put together a list of the best audiobook publishers to consider whenever you are ready to publish an audiobook.

We go over the following audiobook publishing companies and platforms:

  • Audible
  • Kobo
  • OverDrive
  • Gardners
  • Audiobooks.com
  • Scribd
  • Google Play
  • Findaway Voices
  • PublishDrive
  • Marketing tips (bonus) 

PublishDrive gets your audiobook in submited to all major audiobook publishers that help you reach thousands of stores worldwide.

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What Are the Best Audiobook Services?


Amazon’s Audible is the largest audiobook publisher and store, providing over 200,000 audio content to listeners all over the world. Listeners can enroll in the 30-day free trial. After subscribing, they enjoy one free audiobook per month and 70% off every additional title.

To sell on Audible, you must go through Amazon KDP’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX). The platform can produce and distribute your title to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

To get your audiobook produced by ACX, you pay an agreed-upon rate for each finished hour of your title. Read more on audio production with ACX here. You can also find your own narrator and publish for free under the royalty share model. But you’ll have to split royalties for the length of your distribution.

Royalties you earn:

40% if exclusive with ACX



25% if non-exclusive



20% with the royalty share option


If you sell exclusively with ACX, know there’s a seven-year contract. You’ll also miss out on other global channels, niche markets, and more. If you sell non-exclusively (aka publish wide), you get lower royalty rates but full control of where and how you want to sell.


Kobo audiobook publishing and distribution lands you in Kobo.com, Walmart, Indigo (Canada’s #1 bookstore), and Bol (an e-commerce shop in the U.K.) Walmart is one of the largest chain stores with around 275 million customers visiting its website a week. You definitely want to sell your book in Walmart.

The cool thing about Kobo is you’re not required to be exclusive to its network. There are no fees to publish with Kobo either.

Royalties you earn:

45% if a-la-carte buys are greater than $2.99



35% with subscription buys



32% with original works priced below these thresholds


Another reason you want to distribute to Kobo is because of how fast the service is growing. Kobo’s sales hiked by 60% in 2021, landing in PublishDrive’s top 10 stores with the most growth (out of thousands of stores):

audiobook companies and store growth

As an indie, you want to publish your best by keeping up with the latest trends. That means being aware of the bestselling stores (like Kobo), countries, book genres, and beyond.

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OverDrive distributes to over 30,000 libraries worldwide, including New York Public Library, London Libraries Consortium, and more. 

Along with Kobo, OverDrive was among the top 10 channels with the most growth where indies saw sales increase by 215%. As a service that distributes to libraries, we see why. In 2021, digital libraries exploded in growth as more people sought online entertainment like audiobooks. Don’t miss out on library distribution!

Royalties you earn:

Royalty payouts depend on each of OverDrive’s library partners



45% with distributors like PublishDrive



Gardners is another bumpin’ audiobook publishing platform where indies hit 58% more sales in 2021. The leading international wholesaler distributes not only digital books, but music, film, and more. The hub consists of nine stores focused primarily on the U.K., Sweden, Poland, and Denmark regions. 

Royalties you earn:

Royalty payouts depend on each of Gardner’s store partners



60% with distributors like PublishDrive



Among top audiobook subscription services in the U.S., Audiobooks.com is right behind Audible. Along with an extensive library, listeners have access to a podcast section that features over 70,000 podcasts. Subscribers get a free title to start off with and one free title curated from the VIP section every month.

To distribute to Audiobooks.com, you’d have to contact them directly (and discuss royalty rates).


With over 1 million active users, Scribd is a leading subscription book service. After 30 days of free access, subscribers get unlimited access to digital content for $8.99 a month. The platform offers an additional rotating library of free audio content of around 5,000 titles.

And Scribd achieved 10-20% more revenue every month since the outbreak of the pandemic. The demand for digital content has gone up and is staying up as book lovers continue to prioritize online modes like monthly subscription services.

Currently, it’s not possible to distribute directly to Scribd. Instead, you’d have to go through a 3rd party audiobook distributor like PublishDrive. PublishDrive makes connecting with different audiobook companies a easy and simple process.

Royalties you earn:

Royalty payouts depend on each of Scribd’s publishing partners



80% royalties with distributors like PublishDrive



Reads are handled as purchases, meaning you get paid as if you sold the title in a retail store


Google Play

Google Play is a gigantic digital store, reaching over 40 countries. All Androids come pre-installed with the Google Play app. That’s a reach of over 2.5 billion potential listeners. As the world’s #1 public domain and search engine, set up your title on Google to rank higher in search results. 

Royalties you earn:

Royalty payouts depend on each of Google Play’s publishing partners



50% royalties with distributors like PublishDrive


Like Scribd, it’s not possible to publish an audiobook directly to Google Play. Instead, you’d have to use an aggregator or distributor like PublishDrive to facilitate the audiobook publishing process. But don’t let that deter you. When you publish on Google through PublishDrive, it takes only a handful of steps to go live:

Findaway Voices

With Findaway Voices, sell your title in over 30 stores reaching more than 170 countries. Its impressive network includes libraries like OverDrive, subscription services like Scribd, major players like Google, retailers like Barnes & Noble, and even music providers like Deezer.

Audiobook publishers like Findaway Voices champions an open market. You choose where to sell and how much to price your title (with the exception of Audible). 

Royalties you earn:

80% of the 25% royalties from Audible/Amazon/iTunes non-exclusive rate



80% of the 40-50% royalties from non-Audible retailers


Like Audible, Findaway Voices has a royalty share or pay per finished hour option. You either take care of your audio files separately or get matched with a narrator. Learn more about audio production with Findaway Voices.


PublishDrive is a self-publishing platform that reaches over 400 stores and 240,000 libraries. With audiobook publishing and distribution, you reach all major channels mentioned on this page and a ton more. Check out the entire list of PublishDrive’s audiobook store partners here.

Royalties you earn:

100%, dependent on the store and number of titles you distribute.
Learn more

It’s quite straightforward to publish an audiobook on PublishDrive:


Sign up (completely free), then select the Distribution plan



Upload your cover design and audio files



Switch on the stores you want to sell in



Submit for a quick review process by industry experts


Other perks you may enjoy include smart tools that help with metadata optimization, automatic sales reporting, and exclusive promotions with numerous stores.

Marketing Tips to Boost Audiobook Sales

Speaking of promotions, there’s more work to do after your audiobook goes live. It takes a solid marketing plan to sell your book. We helped indies make 10x more book sales with online promotions on retail stores like Amazon. Are you using these book marketing tactics below?

promote your audiobook with marketing strategies

Maintain author branding: You want an online presence where book lovers can find and follow you. Create a website for free on WordPress. Set up author pages on Amazon, Google, and Goodreads. Run at least a couple of author social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. Regularly share news about your book or personal life to build and keep relationships.

Collect audiobook reviews: Make this your #1 priority. In today’s e-commerce landscape, people buy after vetting the product via strong reviews. Google around and put together a list of audiobook bloggers in your genre. Ask other authors you know to swap reviews. Post in online forums. 

Feature in stores and newsletters: There are lots of free and paid promotions out there. See where you can advertise your book for free here. Make sure to ask the stores you decide to sell in about featuring opportunities. With PublishDrive, we regularly get indies to feature with channels Kobo, Scribd, and so many more.

For recent tips, check out our recorded webinar on YouTube where experts expanded on the most effective publishing tactics.

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audiobook publishing and distribution

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