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20 Manga Publishers and Graphic Novel Distributors

Manga Publishers and Graphic Novels Distributors

Today, people read manga comic books worldwide, but it originated and initially became popular in Japan, where this is an umbrella term that refers to cartoons and comics. 

Now, you'll find manga publishing companies and manga distributors not only in Japan but in various other countries as well.

These comics started to become so popular that in 2010, manga outsold American comics in America, according to ICV2 research.

Moreover, in 2021, thanks to the opportunity to read manga in digital format and the anime influence on streaming platforms, its popularity reached the point where manga comics began to account for more than 76% of the comic book market in the US

Since publishing manga is part of a flourishing industry, we wanted to share with you a list of the best manga publishers. 

Also, if you're wondering how to publish manga in America, you'll see that this list has many manga companies based in the US.

Let's get started.

Top 20 Manga Book Publishers

If you are passionate about comics and decide to create your manga comics but have no idea whom to contact to publish them, this selection of manga publishers that accept submissions will come in handy. 

Read on and choose your perfect comic book publisher.

1. NBM Graphic Novels

The name of this publishing house has a direct connection to Terry Nantier. This American manga publisher became famous for his work in creating graphic novels, and in the mid-70s, he desired to establish his project. 

In the beginning, it did not show any significant success. Still, the series Corto Maltese and The Mercenary changed the situation, bringing the company to the American comic book market leader. 

High-quality classic reissues contributed to the achievement of such a result.

This manga distributor may be of note to you as it has an open filing policy. NBM Graphic Novels can be what you are looking for to publish your Manga comics.

graphic novel

2. Yen Press

Among the American manga publishers, you'll find the young American company Yen Press, which was founded in 2006. It publishes graphic novels, light novels, manga, manhwa, and the works of its writers. 

Regarding manga, the publishing house managed to release several hundred manga series, many of which brought huge success, such as Romeo × Juliet, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Akame ga Kill!, etc.

Besides, the Yen Press publishes the Yen Plus anthology magazine every month.

3. Drawn & Quarterly

This platform appeared in the late 80s in Montreal. In the beginning, it was a one-issue magazine, but the efforts of publisher Chris Oliveros led Drawn & Quarterly to become one of the best manga distributors

For the years of its activity, the publishing house has distinguished itself by cooperation with Astrid Lingren, Tom Gold, Tove Jansson, and many others.

Today it is a powerful publishing platform in a constant search for cooperation with prolific manga writers. 

If this publishing house interests you, then their doors are always open for ambitious authors of manga comics.

4. Dark Horse Manga

This company is a subsidiary of the large publishing house Dark Horse Comics, which has received many awards for its successful activities. 

In particular, such books as The American, The Traveller, and others contributed to this.

Dark Horse Manga has become one of the best American manga publishers. The company has no strict genre or style requirements, so feel free to send them your comics. 

So, if you're wondering how to publish a manga in America, you can check them out.

5. Shogakukan

In 2022, the company celebrates its 100th anniversary. And over its long history, Shogakukan has contributed to the development of Japanese publishing. 

The headquarters is in Tokyo, and they focus on publicizing various DVDs, Japanese magazines, literary and informational products, and, of course, manga. 

The company has hundreds of successful manga, including Law of Ueki, Kiteretsu Daihyakka, Detective Conan, Mobile Police Patlabor, and others.

6. Shueisha

Shueisha Corporation's history started almost 100 years ago. It appeared in the mid-30s as a branch of the Japanese company Shogakukan. 

In the late 60s, the publishing house created Weekly Shonen Jump, becoming the most popular manga magazine in Japan and worldwide.

Today, Shueisha is looking to expand its influence beyond Japan's borders with the co-ownership of publishing house Viz Media and the previously mentioned Shogakukan.

It publishes books in both electronic and printed formats. Key genres are fiction, manga, comics & graphic novels.

manga and graphic novels

7. VIZ

In 1986, the Japanese publishing houses Shueisha and Shogakukan collaborated to create the VIZ project, which got to be one of the most popular manga companies in the US. The reason for this decision was a surge in the popularity of manga among residents of North America. The corporate headquarters is located in San Francisco.

The company's name is quite interesting. It inherits the word "visual," which alludes to the visual content of the books in advance.

VIZ is quite successful today, as shown by the publishing house of the author's magazine Shojo Beat with a circulation of over 30,000 copies. 

Besides, English-language versions of Japanese manga and anime review magazines often become their bestsellers.

8. Hakusensha

In 1973, graphic novel publisher Shueisha created the Hakusensha division, which spun off and became independent. 

The company has been in the Top 3 of the largest Japanese publishing houses for many years.

The major success of the corporation was the result of the publication of manga and shoujo manga, and the reason for the success abroad was the Young Animal magazine. 

The most popular manga published by Hakusensha is Fruits Basket and Berserk.

9. One Peace Books

This English-language platform is relatively young, founded in the early 2000s. 

Its core business is marketing, publishing, and translating titles from Japan. Also, the company is making Japanese language adaptations for North Americans. 

Thanks to many years of hard work, One Peace Books has won the attention of a large interconnected audience. Today, this manga publishing company considers unsolicited works in the genre of manga, momics & graphic novels, and fiction.  

Thus, contact them by all means because you are the one they want to publish on their pages.

10. Tuttle Publishing

This manga publishing house is a part of the larger company named Periplus Publishing Group and was founded in the late 40s of the last century. 

The headquarters is in Woodstock, and the primary audience consists of residents from England, Canada, and the USA. 

Tuttle Publishing specializes in publishing innovative books on tourism, art, culinary arts, and martial arts, with a focus on Asian countries. 

Besides, this is a noteworthy manga company if you're looking to publish your comics, as Tuttle Publishing accepts book proposals.

11. Digital Manga 

California-based Digital Manga is one of the most well-known manga publishers in America that publishes Japanese manga comics in English. They also produce and license other related products, such as anime.

The publisher owns the eManga site for the digital publishing of graphic novels and manga.

This project has enjoyed considerable success in recent years, thanks to the implementation of better technologies.

12. IDW Publishing

The American manga company IDW Publishing appeared in 1999. Its purpose was to publish comics such as manga, fiction books, and graphic novels. 

The publishing house has achieved unprecedented success. Its name stands next to well-known brands like Dark Horse, DC, and Marvel.

IDW Publishing has gained a significant share of its success by creating licensed adaptations of video games, television shows, series, cartoons, and comics.

13. Vertical, Inc.

This American manga publisher, part of the Kodansha Comics Corporation, publishes books in the fiction, nonfiction, and visual media genre. 

It is worth mentioning that they release books in ebook and paperback formats and audio versions. 

The most famous manga from Vertical, Inc. is Andromeda Stories, Flying Witch, and She and Her Cat.

14. Tokyopop

Known as Mixx Entertainment, the company had a rebranding and is now known as Tokyopop

It specializes in the manga genre and other materials of Western authors in a similar style. Thus, all this helped Tokyopop become one of the largest English Manga publishing companies.

Although the graphic novel publisher's headquarter is in Los Angeles, the company currently has a branch in Hamburg, where they translate manga books from English and Japanese into German. 

Tokyopop's parent company has offices in Tokyo. All this testifies to the rather extensive coverage of the global manga publishing market.

15. Kodansha USA Publishing

A sizable Japanese publishing company, Kodansha, founded a significant subsidiary headquartered in New York in the late 2000s under the name of Kodansha USA Publishing.

The main direction of the company's work is publishing manga and other books on the culture and history of Japan.

Later on, Kodansha Comics was created, the purpose of which was to work and publish only manga. 

When Tokyopop's series ran out of licenсe, Kodansha Comics purchased them for reproduction.

graphic novels and manga publishers


16. Titan Books

This manga publishing house is part of the Titan Publishing Group, with a London headquarters. 

It appeared in 1981 and worked only for an English-speaking audience in the US and England. 

Titan Books publishes books in print and electronic formats and specializes in a wide range of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, horror, science fiction, crime, thriller, comics & graphic novels, manga, short stories, and more. 

The company is open to submission of manga and other books, so you can format your ebook and contact them by going to their website.

17. Seven Seas Entertainment

An American company based in Los Angeles is a book publisher of the OEL-manga. In the mid-2000s, Seven Seas Entertainment made a splash by offering a digital version of the manga available for download on the Sony PSP. 

More than 10,000 users preyed on this offer on the first day. In the same year, the corporation began to work on translating the original manga from Japanese into English. 

Later, it began translating light novels and publishing webcomics.

18. SelfMade Hero

The specificity of this publishing house is the release of original short novels, the content of which is humorous or even satirical. 

SelfMade Hero is headquartered in London, but it distributes books to the US, Canada, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Thus, if this resonates with you, and you would like to write something similar or have already written, do not hesitate to contact them.

19. Image Comics

The founders of this American manga publishing company were a trio of talented illustrators. More than 20 years ago, D. Valentino, R. Liefeld, and E. Larsen decided to create the Image Comics project, which today enjoys unprecedented success. 

They went all in, betting on a strategy to keep profits because of publisher property. They began to flourish and expand, making the company one of the leaders in the comic book market.

The series Witchblade and Youngblood brought national love to the publishing house. Image Comics also tries to support emerging writers and thus accepts the Manga works of young and aspiring authors. 

Don't miss your chance to build your career with them.

20. Antarctic Press

The primary style of the book is Amerimanga. The corporation's mission is to publish the best comics on the planet.

The company has been the pioneer of successful authors like Alex Robinson and Ben Dunn. The American manga publisher Antarctic Press has more than 800 published projects, with over 5 million copies.

Additionally, the publisher creates comics that explain how to make comics in an attractive format.

Publish Your Manga Book or Graphic Novel with PublishDrive

You can choose to self-publish your manga to get it out there faster. But to do so, you need to format your ebook in a fixed format. 

There are two types of ebook formats: 

  • Reflowable. This is the standard for most ebooks. That's because it's highly customizable for the reader. They can change the font size, update the line breaks, and align the rest of the text accordingly.
  • Fixed. Refers to an epub format. It's set up in a way that resembles a print version. It's a lot like a PDF as well, where everything is fixed into place.

The ebook format is non-negociable. You need the fixed one because publishers won't publish it otherwise. The reason is that a reflowable format (and all its customization options) can potentially ruin the reading experience and its meaning.

Here's an article on reflowable vs. fixed ebooks so you can see all the differences between them.

After you format your ebook, you can upload it to PublishDrive, and we'll distribute it for you to the following stores that accept comic books, graphic novels, and manga:

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Amazon is one of the largest online bookstores in the world, where you can distribute books, ebooks, and audiobooks.
Apple Books is a leading online bookstore preinstalled on all Apple devices, reaching millions of readers in over 50 countries.

Scribd is one of the world's most extensive reading-focused subscription services. It has books, audiobooks, magazines, and more.

Baker & Taylor is one of the largest global distributors of books, with the broadest network of libraries, schools, major book labels, etc.

OverDrive is one of the largest library providers representing 43,000 libraries in 75 countries on four continents.

Hoopla is the digital media lending service of Midwest Tape, which is a trusted library provider. They have around 5,000,000 registered users. is one of the two biggest e-commerce platforms in China. It's also a member of the Fortune Global 500.

The DangDang store is the other massive online retailer in China (besides, with an estimated 30 million monthly visitors.


CNPeReading is a Chinese ebook store that integrates enormous digital resources in foreign languages through collaboration with international publishers and integrators.

Bibliotecha provides content to more than 30,000 libraries in more than 70 countries. Books are available for institutions like public libraries, schools, and universities.

Gardners is a significant book retailer with a strong presence in the UK and German markets. It got to be a wholesaler of books, eBooks, music, and film to retailers worldwide.

They have books for elementary and middle school audiences. It provides content to over 50,000 institutions in the US—public libraries, schools, and universities.

E-sentral is South Asia's biggest ebook store, with 400,000 active users in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Empik is Poland's biggest book retailer. Empik has its subscription platform called Empik Go for ebooks and audiobooks.

LazyJoy is an ebook store from China that collaborates with large smartphone and internet companies, and other global Content Providers.

(only books in Hungarian) Ekö provides content to the Hungarian and Eastern European ebook market.


Manga's popularity is quite obvious these days. There are many different graphic novel distributors and manga companies, the number of which continues to grow. 

It is possible because of the ever-growing demand among audiences of different ages, interests, and nationalities. Since authors create manga on various topics, everyone can find something for themselves.

Many publishers, which I mentioned in this article, accept submissions that support novice authors.

Or you can choose to self-publish.

If you are one of the manga creators, we hope our list of manga publishers will help you build your future career, and if you love to read manga for fun, our selection will be a godsend for finding new comic sources!

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