Publishing on Scribd: For Authors

“Our mission is to change how the world reads.” This is the business objective of Scribd, a reader subscription service with over 1 million active subscribers. Readers access an unlimited number of books to read. Keep reading for why you should publish on Scribd.

In the next couple of paragraphs, we will give you a brief review of the platform, and how you can publish and gain new readers on this powerful reading service.

What Is Scribd and Why Readers Love It

In the 21st century readers, like every other entertainment-consumer, are ready to explore ways to enjoy content in a fast, and money-saving manner. This is especially true for avid readers, who read several books a month. If you are an avid reader this means serious money every month. Most avid readers are part of the 14-35 age group which is, to be honest not the richest age-group among consumers.

This is where the new business model of stores comes in. The Scribd membership charges $8.99/month for unlimited titles. The writer of this blog post is among the many enthusiastic readers, who are benefitting from a flabbergastingly large library for the price of one book. With their digital library, I together with many other readers are able to browse among current bestsellers and discover new indie favorites through clever editorial selections for only $8.99/month. As a new reader, you just add your credit card details and you can enjoy a free trial month of subscription as well.


The store offers a catalog diverse not only in genres but in formats as well. You can find great reads among popular genres like Thriller, Crime and Suspense, Speculative Fiction, or Romance but not only can you read them in an ebook format but find many of them in an audiobook. Aside from audiobooks, and ebooks, you can find a quite impressive selection of sheet music, step by step guides, short documents in pdf form, magazine articles, and more.

Scribd Store Front Page

Why Is It Worth to Publish on Scribd

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we’ve seen a surge of subscription business models as most people are looking for in-home entertainment options. With all the negative effects of the coronavirus, we can see that more people are turning to books to educate or entertain themselves which gives a lot of hope for newcomer authors who just started to write a book, but also for publishing houses whose sales are strongly affected by the loss of print sales in stores.

Based on our data, if you decide to publish on KDP Select with the Kindle Direct Publishing program, you might lose about 60% of the sales that you can get by publishing on other stores. Also, when we looked at which platforms were growing the most during the pandemic period, we’ve seen that Scribd’s average was to grow about 10-20% monthly in their book sales. Which author would not want to take part in this growth? :)


How to Publish on Scribd

Unfortunately, Scribd does not allow authors to directly upload their books on its platform for sale, but there's nothing to worry about. There is a simple way that you can make your ebooks and audiobooks available on the subscription platform, like from publishing aggregators, such as PublishDrive.

PublishDrive has been operating since 2015 to help authors and publishers streamline their publishing process in all three book formats, which means you get a lot of perks besides publishing among 60 million documents. PublishDrive lets you do more with stores, whether it is a retailer or a monthly subscription business, similar to a traditional publisher. Not only are you able to bring your books, audiobooks as well with PublishDrive.

PublishDrive makes publishing super easy and clear and gives you access to the world's readers. Plus, you get over 400 stores and thousands of libraries online.


How to Promote Books on Scribd

Publishing is not enough on the different stores or subscription models. That's why PublishDrive has many promotion options you can find on the “Promotions” dashboard.

Did you know that there are many in-store promotional options available for authors to boost sales? Promotions are very important to your book’s success, especially to get more visibility in stores where your potential readers are hanging out to purchase their new read. Do you want your book to stand out? With PublishDrive, you can get in the topical editorial newsletters of Scribd sent out to readers globally, also, they are always keen on learning about new releases or free books.


If you are looking for ways to promote your book with stores, you are in luck with partnering with PublishDrive, as we are collecting all campaigns from the stores we work with to let every author or publisher submit their titles. As of October 13, 2020, the store is looking for books to their Read More. Celebrate More campaign that targets Christmas reads.

Did you have a new release? It is important to create a buzz around your titles. With PublishDrive you can get the word out about your new releases with editorial selections featured on the platform.


How Do I Get Paid After My Books in Scribd

Subscription-based models yield different results depending on the store. Some subscription-based business models cut the text into multiple parts and pay based on the number of pages read. That’s why many of the publishers resist selling their books to subscription platforms, as they are afraid of losing royalties with the smaller amount of revenue that comes in as not everyone reads the books through the end.

In the case of Scribd, we have good news, as reads are handled as purchases: if readers read more than 10% of the book, it counts as a digital download, so you will get your part after the digital list price you set in PublishDrive. PublishDrive pays publishers a percentage of the digital list price if more than 10% of the book was read after every Scribd payout. This way publishers earn as much as the ebooks were read fully, not more, not less. See the current royalty rates for the different stores with PublishDrive here.

How Can I Start Publishing on Scribd With PublishDrive

People love that PublishDrive is easy to use. They love the wide reach and best analytics. Are you an author or are a publishing company? Do you have more than 20 books? You will like PublishDrive’s Publisher Tools for your business. Here are steps to take when you want to sell on Scribd with PublishDrive:

  1. First, you need to create a PublishDrive account.
  2. You can upload your first ebook, or audiobook by yourself or use PublishDrive’s bulk import feature.
  3. Choose Scribd from your sales channels.
  4. Get your store link and use it to promote on social media.
  5. Use PublishDrive’s special Book Promotions to feature your books in newsletter of the subscription platform, or get featured on a special editorial selection
  6. Look at real-time sales numbers from your PublishDrive Sales Dashboard.

Scribd is worldwide reading subscription service, with over 1 million active readers globally. Readers have access to millions of ebooks and audiobooks and therefore it is a great channel for increasing books sales. Start publishing today and build your author career business for the long term!


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