Book Distribution in Germany. Make the Most of Self-Publishing in Germany

book distribution in Germany

From leveraging digital platforms to forming partnerships with specialized local distributors, self-published authors in Germany have more ways than ever to get their books into the hands of eager readers.

This article guides you through the ways of book distribution in Germany, providing insights and options tailored for publishers and self-published authors.

How To Pick The Best Wholesale Book Distributors?

Hint: It's not the classic wholesale book distribution channels that work best. 

Wholesale distribution streamlines the operations for both publishers and authors, potentially leading to lower operational expenses. Retailers purchasing bulk from wholesalers often benefit from more competitive pricing than acquiring smaller quantities directly from the manufacturers.

While wholesale distributors offer valuable services that can help you reach a broad audience and handle logistics, modern platforms, and aggregators, like PublishDrive, offer the additional benefits of maximized sales, market agility, and data-driven insights.

Platforms contribute to increasing revenue by:

1. Maximizing sales

Modern distribution platforms employ advanced analytics and algorithms to maximize your book's visibility and sales. They can strategically place your book in various market segments and online stores where it's most likely to be seen by your target audience.

2. Acting agile

Distribution platforms are better suited to quickly adapt to market changes, consumer preferences, and emerging trends. This agility makes authors and publishers more competitive in a dynamic market.

3. Delivering data-driven insights

Platforms provide real-time, data-driven insights into how your book is performing. This 

invaluable information can guide your marketing strategies, pricing, and future publishing decisions.

4. Offering handpicked promotional techniques

These platforms often offer custom promotional opportunities based on what's effective in real-time, unlike traditional distributors who might stick to more generic or outdated promotional methods.

5. Easing management systems

Platforms often come with user-friendly dashboards that allow you to manage all aspects of your book's distribution, from tracking sales and revenue to managing promotional campaigns, all in one place.

Publish in Germany and Internationally with PublishDrive

With PublishDrive, you get all the benefits of using different distribution platforms, including access to hard-to-access markets, under one single roof. It simplifies publishing, distribution, and marketing intricacies, offering a one-stop resource hub.

PublishDrive works with a flat fee subscription model, allowing authors and publishers full control over their revenue. 

⚡Read more on why subscription-based aggregation, as opposed to royalty-share aggregation, is more financially efficient and transparent for authors and publishers. 

PublishDrive goes beyond helping you publish a book. It immerses authors and publishers into a comprehensive book network designed to grow your business and open new markets, reaching hard-to-get audiences.

Here is a snippet of it in numbers. 

For authors and publishers eyeing the German market, PublishDrive is your go-to platform. Learn where to sell German books and how to sell German books effectively by tapping into a range of distribution channels specifically targeting this market.

Key Book Distribution Platforms in Germany via PublishDrive

Here's a breakdown of some key platforms where you can market your books in multiple formats.

You can reach them simultaneously directly through PublishDrive. 

1. Storytel 

Storytel operates on a subscription model, offering both audiobooks and ebooks. This platform is popular in Germany and can be an excellent venue for reaching a dedicated and growing subscriber base interested in a wide range of genres. 

Its subscription model also encourages exploration, so new authors have a good chance of being discovered.

2. OverDrive 

OverDrive is a platform that primarily serves digital libraries and schools, offering a vast range of digital content, including ebooks, audiobooks, and more. It's a great platform to consider if you're looking to place your books in academic settings or public libraries in Germany, broadening the scope of your audience.

3. Bibliotheca 

Bibliotheca is another platform that supplies digital content to libraries. This platform is specifically designed to aid libraries in managing their digital collections efficiently. Offering your books on Bibliotheca could give them exposure to a wide and varied readership across numerous libraries in Germany.

4. Tolino 

Tolino is a significant player in the German digital reading market and is supported by a network of German booksellers. By listing your books on Tolino, you gain direct access to a regional audience that prefers to support local platforms and stores, providing a touch of local flavor to your marketing strategy.

5. Ciando 

Ciando is another regional online store in Germany where you can sell your ebooks. The platform offers a wide array of categories and works with numerous publishers and authors. As a regional store, it gives you a better chance to market to a German-specific audience, thereby increasing local sales.

6. Audible

Owned by Amazon, Audible is one of the largest platforms for audiobooks in the world and has a strong presence in Germany. Audible's subscription model and vast audience make it an excellent platform for authors and publishers looking to expand their audiobook market in Germany.

7. Google Play Books

Google Play Books offers ebooks and audiobooks and is accessible to a broad, international audience. Its familiar interface and massive reach for Android users make it an ideal platform for authors and publishers looking to make their books available to a wider audience, including readers in Germany.

8. Kobo 

Kobo is another international platform that has recently expanded its offerings to include audiobooks. It has a strong international presence and can be a good option if you're looking to diversify the platforms where your audiobooks are available. With its various partnerships, it offers an alternative route into the German audiobook market.

This is a distributor list for stores with a strong presence in Germany. If you want to publish internationally, you can pick other stores from our distribution network. We'll email you the list.

book distribution in germany

Wholesale Book Distribution in Germany

If you are eye-ing bookstores in Germany specifically or are prone to a more traditional approach to publishing and distribution, here are several distributors in the German book market to follow. 

1. Bookwire

Bookwire is a robust digital distribution service in Germany, helping publishers place their ebooks and audiobooks across multiple platforms. Not limited to German outlets, their service offers an expansive reach, which is vital for publishers aiming to make an impact in bookstores across Germany and internationally. They also offer analytics tools to monitor sales performance.

2. Nova

Nova is known for its personalized approach to book distribution, serving as a key intermediary between publishers and retailers. With a special focus on small to medium publishers, Nova ensures that your titles gain optimum visibility in bookstores throughout Germany. They handle both print and digital formats.

3. Prolit

Prolit is a versatile distributor that caters to both traditional print and emerging digital markets. Their service stands out for its marketing expertise, helping publishers understand how to position their books effectively in German bookstores. They offer a complete package, from warehousing to targeted promotion.

4. Werkstadt

Werkstadt specializes in academic and professional literature, ensuring that specialized titles find their way to the appropriate sections in academic bookstores and libraries across Germany. They offer a suite of services that include catalog creation, marketing, and direct sales to academic institutions.

5. Akademischen Verlagsgemeinschaft München 

Focusing primarily on academic publications, AVM has carved a niche for itself by catering to the specialized needs of scholars and educational institutions. If you're an academic publisher, AVM can offer you targeted reach into academic bookstores and libraries throughout Germany, as well as services like peer review and academic marketing.

Unlocking the Potential of Book Distribution in Germany

Whether you are an independent author or a publishing house, knowing where to sell German books is the first step toward achieving your sales goals. 

Bookstores in Germany continue to be essential platforms, but they are just a piece of the broader puzzle. Opting for the best wholesale book distributors can dramatically enhance your reach, not just within traditional retail settings, but also in digital spaces and libraries.

These wholesale distributors often come equipped with tools and insights on how to sell German books most effectively. They offer tailored services that can help you target specific sectors or audiences, providing much-needed flexibility and control. 

In a market as dynamic and diverse as Germany, your distribution strategy needs to be equally adaptable and encompassing. By tapping into the right channels and adopting effective distribution and marketing strategies, you can maximize your sales and make a lasting impact on the German literary scene.

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