The Most Profitable Option for Aggregated Ebook Distribution is Here!

Previously, there were two main options available for independent ebook distribution:

  • Distributing directly to retailers one-by-one in order to earn the highest royalty rate possible.
  • Using an aggregator to distribute to many stores through one platform, in exchange for a ~10% commission on royalties.

While both of these options have pros and cons, neither is really ideal.

PublishDrive is thrilled to introduce a better option: subscription-based global ebook distribution -- a first for the industry.

Combining the best of both worlds, subscription pricing give you full store royalty rates and the ease of wide distribution - all under one roof - for a flat monthly fee.

You can finally say goodbye to giving up your royalties!

Tiered Subscription Pricing for Ebook Distribution: How it Works

PublishDrive offers four flexible plans that are great for authors and publishers at every level, and you don’t have to give up any of your royalties. Instead, you’ll pay a flat monthly fee, and you can change plans anytime.

Let’s look at the plans in detail:

  • Standard Plan ($19.99/month): Ready to take things to the next level? Upgrade to the Standard Plan, and you can distribute up to 5 titles while accessing PublishDrive’s full distribution network, including China and Google Play Books. This plan also includes access to built-in promotion tools to boost sales.
  • Pro Plan ($99.99/month): Publish like a like a pro and distribute up to 50 titles to our full network, while enjoying promotion tools, multi-user account access, imprint management, and a bulk import option.
  • Publisher Plan (ask for a quote): The Publisher plan offers all the benefits of the Pro plan, plus dedicated VIP support and the ability to distribute more than 50 titles.

Why You’ll Love Subscription Pricing and PD Distribution

PublishDrive is the only self-publishing platform in the industry that offers subscription pricing for aggregated ebook distribution. Paired with our wide distribution network, and PD is the perfect publishing partner - whether you’re just starting out or you’re a publishing pro.

These are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a PD author:

Keep Your Royalties!

You worked hard for your royalties, so you deserve to keep them! With more money in your pocket, you can reinvest your earnings in advertising, translations for foreign markets, or simply treat yourself. :)

Save Time

When self-publishing aggregators first appeared on the scene, their main appeal was that they saved authors valuable time. But with a 10% fee on royalties, some authors felt it wasn’t worth it.

Now you can finally make the most of aggregated ebook distribution, without giving up your royalties. With hundreds of retailers accessible through a streamlined platform, PD makes it easy for you to focus on what’s important: writing more books so you can scale your business.

Reach Hard-to-Access Markets

The wide distribution network that PublishDrive is known for allows you to reach hard-to-access markets that can’t otherwise be reached by indie authors. This includes China, Google Play Books, Scribd, and more.

When Does the New Pricing Go Into Effect?

The new pricing options are live! They will be applied to new accounts, and existing PD authors (who distribute at least one title through PublishDrive) can retain their current pricing options. However, current PD authors can make the switch to a new plan anytime. Ready to make the switch now? You can choose a new plan here.*

*Note: Current PD authors who switch to a new plan cannot revert back to a legacy pricing option later.

With PD’s subscription pricing, there’s never been a better time to be a self-published author. Want to take the next step? Create your account to start distributing your ebooks globally while maximizing your earnings.

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