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Business Tips for Authors: From Publishing Industry Insights to Long Term Business Models

business tips for authors

With millions of books published annually, standing out requires not just talent but strategic publishing strategies and practical writer's marketing guides

The romanticized view of an author's life has evolved drastically from the days of a select few writers to a bustling industry of literary entrepreneurship

One must adopt author success tactics that merge creativity with savvy business acumen to elevate book sales and achieve authorial success.

This article delves into essential business tips for authors, aiming to transform your passion for writing into a thriving, competitive advantage. 

Key takeaways:

  • In transitioning from hobbyist to full-time writer, authors must balance creative passion with practical business planning and diversifying income streams.
  • PublishDrive emerges as a comprehensive resource hub for authors, offering tools and services for book sales enhancement, marketing, and distribution and a flat fee subscription model for financial transparency.
  • Key elements of becoming an authorpreneur include consistent writing habits, effective time management, building a solid personal brand, nurturing reader relationships, astute financial management, and prioritizing self-care to ensure sustainability and success in the writing industry.

This article goes over:

1. Embracing Authorpreneurship

Transitioning from writing as a hobby to a full-time career requires embracing the concept of authorpreneurship

This involves balancing creative passion with practical business planning to turn storytelling into a viable stream of income.

Shifting from hobby to a career mindset

Most writers start as hobbyists, driven by their passion for storytelling. There's a certain charm in writing without the pressures of market demands or sales targets. This approach is perfectly acceptable and fulfilling for many writers.

However, a shift in mindset is essential for those who aspire to turn their writing into a significant source of income or even a full-time writing career.

It's important to clarify that adopting a business-oriented approach doesn't mean sacrificing the joy and creativity inherent in writing. 

The key is to find a balance, maintaining the passion and creativity that fuel your writing while strategically approaching it with an entrepreneurial mindset. This balance is crucial for long-term sustainability and success in your writing career.

Diversifying income streams

Embracing the full spectrum of possibilities in authorpreneurship involves looking beyond traditional book sales. Diversifying your income streams is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your financial stability.

1. Writing and content creation:

  • Freelance writing: engage in diverse writing projects like ghostwriting or copywriting for other brands and businesses. Or do contract writing for a content creation agency.
  • Content creation: create engaging content on platforms (take, for instance, Medium & Patreon) or through blogging.

2. Editorial and consultancy services:

  • Editing: help other writers refine their manuscripts or develop their writing skills.
  • Contributing to anthologies: collaborate with other authors to contribute to short stories or essay collections.

3. Community and education:

  • Teaching: conduct writing courses or workshops in educational settings or online platforms.
  • Speaking engagements: participate in literary events, workshops, or conferences as a speaker.

4. Funding and financial opportunities:

  • Grants and fellowships: apply for financial support through grants and fellowships.
  • Awards and competitions: enter competitions to gain recognition and potential cash prizes.
  • Crowdfunding: raise funds for book projects via platforms like Kickstarter.

5. Merchandising and brand building:

  • Merchandising: consider book-related merchandise.
  • Subscription services: offer exclusive content to subscribers (check platforms like Patreon).

Balancing creativity with business acumen

Adopting a strategic approach to your writing business can transform your passion into a thriving and financially rewarding business.

Beyond just creating a compelling story, authors need to understand the market dynamics, including pricing strategies and distribution channels, to maximize their royalties across different formats. 

The most critical asset for authors who look beyond traditional publishing is to find the right partner who is attuned to their needs and has a proven grasp of the market, like PublishDrive.

2. PublishDrive: Your Ultimate Author Resource Hub

PublishDrive offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed for book sales enhancement and streamlining the business side of being an author. For authors, this means more time to write

It's a one-stop resource hub that simplifies the complexities of publishing, distribution, and marketing all under one roof.

PublishDrive works with a flat fee subscription model, allowing authors and publishers complete control over their revenue. 

⚡Read more on why subscription-based aggregation, as opposed to royalty-share aggregation, is more financially efficient and transparent for authors and publishers. 

Key features for author success

  • Wider market access

With distribution to over 20 channels, 400 stores, and thousands of digital libraries worldwide, PublishDrive ensures your book reaches a global audience, even in the most niche markets.

  • Marketing and promotion

Offering built-in marketing tools and promotional strategies, PublishDrive helps increase your book's visibility. Its in-store featuring option lets authors submit their books to be highlighted in top retailers like Kobo and Apple Books. Insights and tips on trending and innovative marketing techniques are outlined constantly on the PublishDrive blog.

  • Royalty management

PublishDrive's royalty-splitting software simplifies profit sharing, making collaborations more accessible and more transparent.

  • Print-on-demand services

The platform provides tools like a POD cover template generator and a print-on-demand converter, which are essential for authors looking to optimize their print book sales.

  • Multi-format distribution

PublishDrive supports multi-format distribution, catering to diverse reader preferences.

See how PublishDrive helps you manage your marketing tactics

Business and branding support

PublishDrive not only elevates your book sales through its network of partners but also backs authors’ business development through its products and services in the PD dashboard. 

business tips for authors
  • Author branding tactics

PublishDrive aids in developing your business as an author, providing insights and tools for effective author branding and building a loyal reader base.

  • Comprehensive business planning

For authors treating writing as a business, PublishDrive offers essential insights and strategies for business planning, ensuring a sustainable and profitable writing career.

3. Turn Writing into a Lucrative Business

With millions of books published annually, standing out requires creativity and a business-minded approach. This involves adopting the practices of an authorpreneur and strategically planning your path to becoming a bestselling author.

It's about writing skillfully and understanding and applying business strategies to your writing career. 

Plan & research the book market

Develop clear goals and strategies. Understand your financial landscape, including pricing, budgeting, and income streams. 

Simultaneously, conduct market research to understand target audience preferences and trends, influencing your genre and thematic choices.

Be open to diversity

Diversification is crucial in a writer’s career. 

Exploring various income streams, such as freelancing, consulting, or teaching, can provide financial stability. 

Experimenting with different genres and formats broadens your appeal and allows you to reach a wider audience. 

This enhances your creative versatility and opens up new market opportunities.

Manage time to your advantage

Prioritize time management to balance writing, editing, and marketing tasks. Employ project management tools for efficient organization. 

Dedicate time for marketing alongside writing and editing, whether self-published or working with a publisher; maintaining a robust public presence is crucial. 

Automate social media posts and actively market your books and writing services to ensure consistent promotion and visibility in the market.

PublishDrive bestselling author Marc Reklau mentions that his writing routine includes writing for two hours or 2000 words daily and dedicating an hour daily to learning ads and book promotions to enhance sales and attract new readers. 

In Marc Recklau’s view, attaining author marketing mastery is one of the best writing business advice any author, however experienced, should consider.

Pair this with continuous professional development through workshops and conferences to refine writing skills and stay ahead of market trends.

Be branding savvy and consistent

Focus on creating a solid personal brand by networking with industry professionals and establishing an online presence. 

A strong online presence is vital for authors. A professional website and active engagement on social media platforms are crucial to developing your author brand. 

Networking with other writers and industry professionals opens new opportunities and collaborations.

Build a community of readers

A strong connection with your readers is essential. 

Creating a sense of community through social media and newsletters encourages interaction and loyalty. 

Building an email list is crucial for direct audience engagement—foster customer relations by actively interacting with readers and responding to feedback to enhance brand credibility.

By regularly engaging with your audience, seeking their feedback, and understanding their preferences allows you to refine your work and better cater to their interests.

Be financially mindful

Regularly monitor income and expenses for profitability. If you’re a publisher or co-authoring a book, establish a streamlined payroll system to manage payment. 

Use accounting tools or professional services for financial management, like PublishDrive Abacus

Use payroll software with functionalities like time tracking and invoicing. Additionally, prioritize tax obligations; set aside a portion of your income for taxes and consider consulting an accountant, especially one familiar with author businesses, for proper financial guidance.

Making savings and smart investments helps navigate through uncertain times. Regular financial reviews are essential to maintain a healthy balance between earnings and expenses.

Prioritize self-care and work-life harmony

Emphasize self-care to prevent burnout. Establish a healthy balance between professional commitments and personal life. 

Celebrate achievements and maintain a sustainable work rhythm for long-term success in your writing career.

Practice gratitude, another great tip from PublishDrive bestselling author Marc Reklau. 

Get Busy!

Mastering authorpreneurship involves more than just penning great stories; it demands a savvy blend of literary entrepreneurship and strategic publishing. 

These business tips for authors are designed to enhance your author branding tactics, refine your publishing strategies, and bolster your book sales enhancement efforts. 

By embracing author marketing mastery and employing writer's marketing guide principles, you can elevate your writing business advice into actionable author success tactics. 

Remember, the key to thriving in the publishing industry lies in continuous learning, adaptability, and a keen understanding of industry insights.

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