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Ebook marketing and its secret sauce

If your ebooks are out in different stores, it is not a guarantee your readers can find them. Build your ebook marketing strategy and increase your sales.

Book promotion is a competitive area and results may depend on many factors. But if you are trying out the followings, you may find what works the best for your authors and/or ebooks:

  1. Use your metadata

Metadata is the key in automated book promotion. Build your own keywords, chose the right category for your book to make sure, intelligent recommendation platforms will find your book and make relevant connections between other books to reach the readers you want. In PublishDrive you are able to save keywords, special target groups as well, so do not forget to use your metadata wisely!

  1. The power of bloggers

Reach out bloggers to write reviews about your book. Of course, it requires some previous research in the blogger world of the category your books are, however it is worth the effort, because they can give you unscalable, relevant and human-written reviews for your book. Use the influential factor they may have and build relationships with bloggers. The best is that with PublishDrive you can even cut your costs on reaching out bloggers by sending them protected review copies. Please contact us for further information at

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